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Maths isn’t always a popular subject but with fun apps and games even reluctant learners will enjoy practising their skills!

For pre-schoolers, it is important to teach them not just numbers and counting but also knowledge of other maths concepts such as pattern recognition.

Older children will benefit from practising their times tables and learning different methods for calculations. Apps can really complement their learning in school without feeling like homework!




Fiete Choice

Age: 2-5 years

“You have to find the odd one out.  There are two the same and one is different.”

– Girl aged 5

Fiete Choice is a logic game that teaches children to recognise similarities, differences and patterns. There are 99 increasingly challenging levels that continue to progress these skills. Our testers enjoyed trying hard to work out the solutions and the humour added an element of fun too.


Tiggly Chef

Age: 3-5 years

“9 Raspberries – I’ll use the 5…now how many 1, 2, 3, 4 – 4…yay!”

– Boy aged 4

This is one of only two apps that have managed to achieve 5 stars in all of our rating scales (the other one is also a Tiggly app, Tiggly Safari) and can be used with or without the Tiggly Maths interactive blocks (sold separately). Our little testers loved creating the silly recipes while intuitively learning adding and counting.


Skoo Crew

Age: 6-9 years

“It’s good because there are millions of ramps to go up and down”

– Boy aged 7

Join the Skoo Crew to play scooting games with an educational twist! Children can earn power ups by completing maths challenges (such as number bonds, number sequences, division, addition, subtraction and times tables) and we found the game style really helped motivate children to practise their maths skills.


Perfect Times Tables

Age: 5-11 years

“You lose lives which is pretty cool and I liked being timed.”

– Girl aged 10

Children need to race against the clock in this fast-paced times tables quiz. This is great for supporting mental maths and our testers really seemed motivated to answer quickly and beat their own scores – even those who said they “didn’t like maths”! It was wonderful to see the app boost their confidence.


Maths & Memo

Age: 8-11 years

“It’s a bit fun for a maths game”

– Boy aged 9

This is a great app to encourage children to practise their mental maths skills, and the fun mini games after each level helps to break up their learning and rewards children for their hard work. Each level has more difficult questions allowing children to progress their skills. The memory feature makes this even more challenging!

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