COMMENT: Should children be taught life lessons in school?

Should Schools be Responsible for Teaching Children Life Lessons? By Dr Amanda Gummer 1 The American website, Quartz, recently published an article about how schools around the world are starting to teach children not only about academic subjects like science, maths and English, but also emotional and social subjects like perseverance and gratitude. Governments have started…
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Why family play is important

The Importance of Family PlayBy Dr Amanda Gummer 1 As parents, we all lead busy lives and are often pulled in all directions. So when the kids are playing quietly – or not so quietly, but happily – it’s the perfect opportunity to get some chores done and tick something off the never ending to-do…
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Helping children with dyslexia: Improving visual spatial relations

Dyslexia: Visual Spatial RelationsBy Sarah Evans (VisionWorks) 1 In this series from VisionWorks, we are exploring the visual difficulties often experienced by children with dyslexia. This time, we are looking at visual spatial relations and how to help your child develop this skill. Visual spatial relations is the ability to distinguish differences among similar objects or forms, – for…
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