How to prepare mum and dad for when you’re starting school

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There are lots of articles out there for parents wanting to help their child as they move up to secondary school. But from what we’ve seen, parents need just as much support as kids do!

So here are some tips for you kids on helping the grown-ups to cope:


1. A Good night's sleep

empty bed for a good nights sleep 

 Your mum or dad will be tired and stressed in the first week. Make sure they get to bed at a good time and have plenty of sleep.


2. Eat Well


They will also need to eat well, so try to get them to eat healthy dinners – you might need to give them a hand in the kitchen. You could also have a look for your own recipes and become head chef.


3.  Fail to prepare, prepare to fail


Pack your bag the night before school, so your mum or dad doesn’t put the wrong things in. It might help to make a list of the things you’ll need first, so you can tick them off as you go.


4. Dressed for the occasion


Make sure your mum or dad has washed your uniform, by hanging it all up ready before you go to bed.


5. Stay Safe


If you’re walking to school by yourself, show your parents the route you will be going so they don’t worry to much about you being safe.


6. Sharing is caring


When you get home, ask your mum or dad how their day was. You could ask them silly questions too, like if there’s anyone at work they wish would be abducted by aliens.


7. A family that plays together, stays together


Your parents might feel a bit left out, now you’re grown up and doing lots of things for yourself. Why not suggest playing a board or sports game once a week (you could even let them win if you’re feeling nice).


8. Be proactive


 Parents can be really annoying when they keep reminding you to do homework. If your school doesn’t give you a planner, it may be worth getting your own to write down the work you need to do and tick it off as you go, to show your mum and dad that you’re all up to date.


9. Have your parents meet your friends




You’ll be making lots of new friends at school, and your parents would love to meet them. Why not arrange for some of them to come over to yours after school? Hopefully your parents won’t embarrass you too much in front of them.


10. Just be yourself


If you have an older brother or sister, remind your parents that you are totally different from them – even if you are at the same school now, you’ll have different friends and favourite classes, etc and obviously you’ll be much better behaved than they were!




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