17 Brilliant Ways to get the most out of Play Doh

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Play Doh is a classic art and craft material, great for squishing and creating. There are some brilliant ideas out there to get even more fun and learning from your Play Doh - here are a few of our favourites.

Practicing Maths


1. Try adding some apple scent to your Play Doh to create small apples. These can be used to practise counting, adding, and taking away:


(via Learning4Kids)


2. Familiarise your little one with number shapes by making some out of Play Doh. These play mats are great for also learning the names of numbers and their quantities:



(via Learning4Kids)


3. Practise number order up to 20, by creating a number line with lolly sticks and Play Doh. Your child can use it to count forwards and backwards from a given number, find the missing number, and more:


(via Learning4Kids)




Learning Letters

4. Ask your child to make letters out of Play Doh to practise the shapes, ready for writing. These play mats can help:


(via Learning4Kids)


5. We also love this idea, which gets children to make letter impressions in the Play Doh that they can then trace with their finger, or fill with beads:


(via The Imagination Tree)



Strengthening small finger muscles and coordination - Fine Motor Skills


6. Play Doh is a fantastic way to strengthen your child’s finger muscles and coordination. This is known as fine motor control, and is important for everything from dressing themselves (e.g. doing up fiddly buttons) to holding a pencil for writing:


(via ILS Learning Corner)


Print making


7. All sorts of things can make fascinating patterns in Play Doh, so try experimenting; leaves, the tracks of a toy car, and different parts of a toy plastic animal are a good place to start:


(via Prekinders)


8. You can also paint over the prints you’ve made in the Play Doh, and roll over a sheet of paper to make a picture you can keep:


(via Childhood 101)


9. Why not use pasta to make all sorts of prints - try putting together different pieces of pasta to make pictures, like this dinosaur skeleton:


  (via Prekinders)


10. Try mixing different coloured Play Doh for some beautiful autumnal leaf prints:


(via Nurture Store)


Lets Make some Magic!


11. For all those Elsa fans out there, there’s always Frozen inspired Play Doh (or, alternatively, super awesome galaxy Play Doh):


(via Homemade Interest)



Bring a Miniature World to Life


12. Try adding shells and tiny umbrellas to create a small beachy world for imaginative play:


(via The Imagination Tree)


13. You could also introduce other materials like pine cones and stones to make a secret island:


(via The Chocolate Muffin Tree)




14. Use Play Doh alongside lolly sticks or cocktail sticks to build all kinds of things; this is great for logical thinking and problem solving skills and can be used for imaginative play too:


(via Nurture Store)



Create some Funky Characters!


15. Add in some googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make some crazy monsters:


(via Learning4Kids)


16. You could make it seasonal by creating pumpkins for Halloween, or snowmen for Christmas:


(via Mama Papa Bubba)


Imaginative Play


17. Play Doh offers lots of opportunities for pretend play, just by adding in a few extra props; one minute it can be sausages and bacon, the next, a yummy cupcake:


(via Artful Parent)



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