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Christmas morning 1998, my dad was sat in his usual chair looking on as we opened our presents. Only now and after asking him, I know that the vacant look he had on his face as we opened our presents wasn’t because he didn’t care, but because he had zero clues what was within that wrapping paper. 

When I have asked other dads of a similar generation, they reply with “It’s not my job”, “I was working up until Christmas morning, when would I find the time”, “Your mum knows best”, the list goes on.


Dad posing in front of Christmas Tree with Daughters

Have things changed? Do dads want to be involved in the Christmas planning?

The general answer to the above questions with the dads I know is YES, things have moved on, not only do men play a much more hands-on role with parenting these days but also the improvements in technology mean parents and therefore dads, can search the web and get bargains. No more queuing up in the shop! Some dads though still feel left out of the build-up and during the big day itself.

When chatting to some of my dad friends, they seem to believe they have a good balance when it comes to Christmas. They might do all the shopping or they may make the Christmas dinner on the big day. However, when speaking to their partners, they have a long way to go.

This got me thinking, maybe I should attempt ‘A Dad’s Christmas guide’, so here it is;



Find an hour to sit down with your partner. I’m sure you both have an idea of what your child is into. Knowing what your child is getting on Christmas morning is important for everyone. No one likes arguments on the big day because you got them the wrong gifts. PS. Try and have a budget!


Stick to your strengths

Cooking Christmas DInner

If you’re good at cooking (and don’t mind doing it every year) then stick to the cooking. If you’re good at finding an online bargain, get on with that. 


Get Involved

If your partner takes over every year, this may be because they’re control freaks, but it’s just as likely that they’ve never had any help or because you messed up one year. This doesn’t mean you can’t offer your kind Christmas help this year! Even if it’s a small gesture, to begin with, it might be that breakthrough you were needing in order to feel more involved.


Ask for help

Don’t worry you won’t lose your manhood if you ask your wife to show you how to wrap that wine bottle. If things are getting too much, your partner would rather you be honest and say rather than make a damn mess!



Yes, I said it, write a list. Don’t leave things to the last minute – it’s the worst thing you can do. Start as early as you possibly can allow yourself. Stress will be much less and your partner will see that the effort and thought are there. Sometimes that’s all that is needed. We are all busy and have hectic lives but do your best to be organised. Secretly test out those Christmas lights a few days before you put them up.



Guest Blog is written by Luke Woodhouse, of the Blended Parent Network,



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