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There are a lot of apps out there for pre-schoolers and some very good ones which are simple to use and really give kids a kick-start in maths, literacy and more. We have put together a list of the top apps from the last year for this age group to help you navigate your way through the many on offer.

The apps we’ve selected for this list support some of the key skills at this age, are exciting for little ones and their fleeting attention spans and importantly have the crucial child restrictions (no unrestricted in-app purchasing, external links, or third party adverts) which give parents peace of mind.

Easy Music Recommended by Good App GuideEasy Music – Give kids an ear for music (by Edoki Academy)

We’ve seen lots of good apps in the past from both Edoki and Seven Academy, so when the developers joined forces about a year ago, we were very excited to see what they would come up with – and we weren’t disappointed.

Easy Music helps pre-schoolers get to grips with the basic skills needed to play music including pitch, rhythm, melody and even notes. It’s beautifully animated and the animal theme really helps keep little ones engaged while they learn; plus there’s a guide to help parents understand what their child is learning.

Dr. Panda Mailman (by Dr. Panda)Good-App-Guide-Dr-Panda-Mailman-Recommended

It was hard to choose from all of the great Dr. Panda apps  introduced for  pre-schoolers this year, but there was such variety in  that it had to be this one.

Our testers had great fun cycling around to deliver the post and there was lots of giggling as they crashed into hedges or splashed through the puddles. They also really enjoyed designing different postcards and we thought this was a very clever way to get kids to practise their writing skills and creativity.

Get Well Soon Hospital with Dr Ranj (by Plug-in Media)Get Well Soon with Dr Ranj Recommended by Good App Guide

Pre-schoolers just love seeing familiar characters in apps and this is a wonderful way to engage them in learning about the body.

Children can freely explore the Get Well Soon Hospital making it great for role play and feeding their curiosity with real facts; as well as teaching them about health and taking care of themselves. This is also a lovely app for reassuring children who may have a friend in hospital, or may be going to hospital themselves.

Bing Baking Recommended by Good App GuideBing Baking (by Acamar Films)

Fans of Bing were very excited to be able to play with their favourite characters. There are a fair few creative apps out there, but we like this Bing Baking because it’s quite realistic – children aren’t just designing their biscuits, their learning a bit about how to cook too.

The biscuit dough is nice and squishy and reacts to being poked and prodded; children need to roll it to the right thickness which gives the added benefit of improving fine motor control. The biscuits can also get burned if they’re left in the oven too long (which our testers found funny).

Charlie and Lola: I've Won Recommended by Good App GuideCharlie and Lola: I’ve Won! (by BBC Worldwide)

This is an exceptional app because it both encourages children to get physically active (e.g. copying Charlie’s dancing) and practise their social skills (through the pass-and-play multiplayer element).

Up to four players can join in, passing the device around to keep the game moving – so the I’ve Won app is ideal for keeping more than one child entertained at a time. Each time they land on a space a player will have a mini-game to complete, such as pairs matching or spelling, so there’s a real range of skills covered too.

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