16 Fun ways to make the most of LEGO

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Most of us have some LEGO around the house - perhaps a massive box filled with bricks, or trailed across the carpet just waiting to be painfully stepped on.

LEGO is filled with possibilities, but here are a few new ideas for activities you might not have tried:

 LEGO activities for five to seven year-olds


- Playing with LEGO for Fun - 


 1. Have your kids build a marble maze using LEGO bricks, maybe even set a timer for a greater challenge


(LEGO Marble Maze via Tonya Staab)


2. Turn a few LEGO bricks into a reusable Tic-Tac-Toe board


 (LEGO Tic-Tac-Toe via Kids Activities Blog)


3. Make a race track for their toy cars and see whose car reaches the finish line first


(LEGO race track via Frugal fun 4 boys)


4. Build a bird house for the garden - the design can be as simple or complex as they like. This can also encourage an interest in nature. 


(LEGO Bird house via LEGO Quest Kids) 


- Playing with LEGO to Learn - 


5. Make learning the times tables more visual and fun with this times tables graph using stacked LEGO pieces


(3D LEGO Multiplication Graph via Frugal fun 4 boys)


6. Learn about symmetry with these beautiful LEGO butterflies


(Learning symmetry with LEGO via Fun at home with kids)


7. Practise sentence building by turning bricks into words - also great for spelling, reading and handwriting


(LEGO sentence building via There's just one mummy)


8. Use LEGO pieces to create scenes for a story. Imagination Soup used the StoryStarter education kit for this but you can try it yourself with the LEGO you already have, plus a camera.


(The LEGO Education Kit via Imagination soup)


 LEGO activities for five to seven year-olds


- Playing with LEGO for Fun - 


9. Use the bricks for some competitive games like LEGO toss or LEGO Skyscraper


(LEGO family fun via Not Consumed)


10. For a more challenging take on the marble maze above, get them to design a marble run using vertical baseplates

(LEGO marble run via Frugal fun 4 boys)


11. Try a game of LEGO skittles


(LEGO Skittles via Little Bins for little Hands)


12. Using a camera and a few LEGO pieces and characters, get them to create a stop motion animation. This could be a story or a step-by-step construction

(Create your own LEGO Animations via Be a fun mum)

 - Playing with LEGO to Learn - 


13. Over at FrugalFun4Boys are loads of great ideas for using LEGO to teach Science, including this balloon powered car


(LEGO Balloon-powered car challenge via Frugal fun 4 boys)


14. Build a homemade balance scale to explore weight


(LEGO Balancing scales via Frugal fun 4 boys)


15Practise maths word problems using LEGO bricks for visual, hands-on learning


  (Maths with LEGO via Frugal fun 4 boys)


16. Demonstrate fractions using differently sized LEGO pieces


(Using LEGO for Maths via Scholastic)


Has your child grown out of LEGO?

LEGO is a cool retro toy, so even if your child has stopped playing with it, their old pieces can be up-cycled into accessories and decorations they’ll love. With a bit of adult support, they could make a LEGO ring, LEGO necklaces or a LEGO snow globe.


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