20+ Amazing craft and gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Although mums should be appreciated every day of the year, Mothering Sunday is a good excuse to make a special effort.

Here are some great tip and ideas for giving mum a wonderful day to remember.

Breakfast in bed


Breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day tradition for a lot of families.

Give the children a chance to help out as much as possible, but keep in mind what they’re capable of and what’s safe for them:


Under three’s:

Stirring and spooning food (as long as it’s not hot). They can also have a go at washing up.

Three to five year-olds:

Cutting soft ingredients (like strawberries) with a plastic knife, spreading butter on bread.

Five to seven year-olds:

Cutting and grating (with help), beating and folding (e.g. pancakes or egg), setting the tray/table.

Eight to 11 year-olds:

Planning the recipes, whisking, using the hob/oven/microwave (with supervision).


More at BBC Good Food

You can keep it simple with toast and cereal, or be a little more creative with these ideas:

Serve it all up with a cup of tea and a bunch of flowers, and you’re done! (but don’t forget the washing up…)


Mother’s Day cards

(Photo Credit: watercolor mother’s day card by hellobee)


While you can always pop to the shops to buy a card, a homemade one has a lot more sentimental value.

If your son or daughter is quite arty then you can simply set up a craft station and let them go wild. If you’re after some inspiration why not try:

For toddlers and pre-schoolers (easy makes)

  • A labour of love (The Mombot) – Get them to draw/paint a picture on a sheet of A4 paper, and take photos as they go. Fold the paper in half to make the card and create a collage over the top with the photos.
  • Fingerprint flowers (Crafty Morning)  – Draw some stalks on the card and help your child add the flowers and petals by dipping their fingers/hands/feet into paint.
  • Printable colouring in (Hellobee) – A ready-made card, simply print out the design and give your children free rein to decorate it with paint, crayons, pencils and stickers.

For older children (a little bit trickier)

  • Heart bloom (A Thrift Mom) – This makes a very pretty pop-out design and is easier to do than it looks, you just need some patterned craft paper and card.
  • Home is where the mum is (Crafty Morning) – Make this sweet card with a few lollipop sticks and buttons from a craft store.
  • Pop-up MUM (One Dog Woof) – Pop-up cards look cool but can be fiddly to make. This website makes the process a whole lot easier with a free print-out (scroll to the bottom for the PDF downloads) with guides to show where to cut/fold.

Gifts to be treasured

(Photo Credit: mini succulent gardens just for mum)

And finally, you’ll want a gift that mum will love. Something personal and from the heart will give her a keepsake to treasure as the kids grow up.

Presents to make


Presents to buy

  • Give mum the gift of time with the with a trip or meal out, and make some family memories
  • Get her a gift voucher for a shop she loves, so she can treat herself
  • If mum loves reading, get her a book and add a hand-written note on the front page, so every time she reads it she’ll be reminded of her kids.
  • Pick out a personalised photo gift – you can get everything from photo books and canvas prints, to cushions and phone cases, with your children’s lovely mugs on them (oh, you can get mugs too)


However you and your family celebrate mother’s day, we hope you have a wonderful time! (P.S. Don’t forget the flowers!)


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