How to really enjoy your next family holiday in 5 simple steps

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Family holidays can be a source of enjoyment and relaxation, a way to make memories that last and spend some quality time together.
Equally, we know that they can often be a source of arguments and stress, but we’re here to ensure that it doesn’t come to this, so without further ado, here are five tips to ensure that everyone travelling can enjoy the long awaited break away:

Reminisce about Past Holidays


Family walking towards Barn


Think back to previous holidays – what worked well, and what didn’t?
If you have older children, you could ask them about their favourite holiday memories.
Often it’s the days spent outside together that children have the fondest memories of and not necessarily those that are highly organised and cost a fortune



Planning Ahead


Try and choose a holiday that meets the needs of all the family members.
Choose your accommodation and location wisely and check that it has your key requirements. It’s a good idea to make a ‘wish-list’ for each member of your party so that everyone is taken into consideration.
It can also a good idea to take time to speak to other like-minded families and get some personal recommendations


Research the Local Area


Couple planning route in local area


Once you have booked your accommodation it’s definitely worth taking some time to research the local area and find out what it has to offer.
Before you go, plan some days out that the whole family will enjoy; a quick look online will reveal lots of places to visit and things to do. This is a good opportunity to get your children involved in the planning process and let them have some input in what you do.

Enjoy the Journey


Girl enjoying car ride journey


Try and make the journey a fun part of the holiday and treat it as an adventure, not a chore.
Packing small snacks, toys and games can keep children busy along the way; interactive books like the Pat-a-Cake Clap Hands series are good for keeping toddlers busy, while puzzles like Penguin’s Pool Party or IQ Puzzler Pro are ideal for older children.



Pack Wisely

Lady Packing Suitcase


To give you some time to relax, pack some activities to keep the children busy during the day – something as simple as a pack of permanent markers for decorating pebbles and shells from the beach can keep them entertained for hours.
One or two games that you can play as a family will make for some fun quality time together, such as Dinkee (the child-friendly version of Linkee) or the fast-paced Jungle Speed.
You don’t have to pack the kitchen sink; think about what your family really needs and try to find accommodation that meets as many of those needs as possible (e.g. somewhere with a safe space outside to play)
We hope you enjoy your family holiday – don’t forget to include some time to relax!

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