Five things you need to know when planning a mini-break with children

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Planning a mini-break with children? Here’s what you need to know

Just because you have children, it doesn’t mean that mini-breaks are a distant memory, or something for the future. 

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before planning your holiday:

1. How far is too far?


Plan how far you are willing to travel

Think about your own children and the distance you are willing to travel for a mini-break. If the thought of flying fills you with dread, consider a city break that is closer to home.

2. What type of accommodation suits your family? 


Family meal at the Hotel


There are so many options nowadays, and with the Internet they are all just a click away.  As well as the obvious (hotels, B&Bs and guest houses) you can now book a home from home through websites such as Airbnb.  The benefit of booking a house or flat is that you have more space instead of being squashed into one bedroom. It also means that when the youngsters go to bed, you can stay up (with the lights on!). You can eat when it suits your family too, even if that means having breakfast before sunrise.

3. What are you going to do during the day? 

Family walking towards Barn


Do some research before setting out, to find some child-friendly days. There are often local sites like museums or castles where they can learn about the local history, or you could even just find a nice walking route and explore somewhere new. A quick search online will also show you any events that are going on while you’re there.

4. How will you break the boredom?


Travelling and eating in restaurants can be boring for children, so think about what you can take along to entertain them. Choose items that your children can do alone or with a sibling, as well as games that involve the whole family.  A good puzzle game like the Smart Egg will hold their attention, while Dinkee Linkee is an excellent game to play together. A mobile device with some well-chosen apps can be a good distraction, in small doses.

While the children are busily engaged you may get some time to chat, read a book or just relax. But don’t forget that being bored is good for children too – it encourages them to be creative and come up with their own entertainment.

5. Will it be the same as before children?



The simple answer is no (sorry!). Lazy days and long lunches will probably not factor into your mini-break – but your children can bring a completely new dimension and level of fun to your holiday.  Embrace the early mornings and evenings in, cherish the time spent together and enjoy every moment; they grow up all too quickly and you’ll miss their company when they no longer want to come away with you!   

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