8 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

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The one day when we can make a special effort to say thank you to dads and show just how much we love and appreciate them is here again. No matter how clear we make these points during the year, it’s lovely to go all out now and again, and spoil them a bit.

Here’s something for all ages to get involved with and many of these ideas can be adapted for step-dads, father figures and even granddads too.



Babies and Toddlers



The youngest children don’t need to be left out. Get creative or try something a little messy to make something wonderful for daddy.

  • D. A.D Photos – Cut out large letters to spell out Dad or Daddy and take photos with your baby holding them. This idea also works great for a group of siblings taking one letter each or pulling funny poses in groups.
  • Scribble Mug – Simple to do and works especially well for toddlers and pre-schoolers. All you need is one blank mug per child, some stickers to create your design and permanent marker pens. You can also get craft kits that include a blank mug and a set of ceramic colouring paints or pens, which can then be baked in an oven to make something long lasting and wash-proof.


Younger Children


Taking a new approach to gift giving can keep things fresh, so why not let your child organise an activity or even a full day of fun for their dad to enjoy. Take some photos and make a photobook afterwards of your quality family event.

  • Treasure Hunt – this game is easy to set up and great fun to play. Hide dad’s card, gift or his favourite chocolate bar and then whisper “find the treasure.” As he gets closer to finding his present the “find the treasure” chanting gets louder. This activity can mean everyone gets to play and laugh with dad.
  • Outdoor Fun – pack a picnic and head to the park or beach for some games with dad. Try some cricket with this fabulous Softer Side of Cricket Set or stock up on Catcherball and let your little ones tire dad out!


Older Children



Set older children a challenge to make something that takes a little longer, showing dad that they can persevere and put in the time and effort for him.

  • Embroidered Family Tree Cushion – Bring a blank cushion cover to life by showing your older child how to create something beautiful with some embroidery thread or fabric pens. This personalised gift will last over the years and is something dads can treasure.
  • Cooked Breakfast – Whether dad is getting a long lie-in on Father’s Day or even if he has to rush off to work, get his morning off to a heart-warming start with some love heart eggs and some heart-shaped bacon too! Why not finish this off with some heart shaped toast?


However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year remember it’s all about making sure dad knows how much he is appreciated. It’s the little things that matter so don’t forget to make him a card and write in it just how much he is loved.





fathers day cards by Ian Hughes is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Dad photo frame 
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