How to beat the heat in 6 cool steps this summer

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We love the summer, but sometimes the heat really does get too much for us all; children in particular can find it hard to cope in the hot weather so, here are our top tips to beat the heat this Summer:

Keep hydrated


In the hot weather it is important to keep drinking plenty of fluids even if you don’t feel thirsty; water is the best drink for keeping you properly hydrated but you could also try other ways such as making some fruity ice-lollies with the children: fun, hydrating, cooling and tasty!


Dress appropriately


Clothing plays a big part in keeping cool; try and choose clothes that are light coloured, loose fitting and made of cotton.   Also, think about how much your child really needs to wear – babies only sweat from their neck, hands, feet and head (30% of their overall body) meaning they can become overheated very quickly.

Always remember sun hats and sunglasses, as well as a sun shade for any little ones in a pushchair or pram. Sun shades can often get quite hot inside, but we recommend the Playful Sun Shade which is a light colour and allows air flow to keep your baby cool


Choose your days out wisely

When planning days out in the summer, take the heat into consideration.  You could try and find places that are near water: rivers and streams are a great choice and they often have trees for much needed shade. 

If you are out and about between 11am and 3pm (the hottest part of the day) consider choosing somewhere that has a place to beat the heat. 

Whatever you are doing, make sure you take plenty of water along with you. The Little Litecup is ideal for one to two year-olds as it has a non-spill, 360 degree rim – so youngsters can drink as often as they like without pouring down themselves! Take a couple of frozen water bottles too as this will help keep any food cool, and will mean that you still have access to cold water at the end of the day.    



Give electric fans a helping hand

Electric fans can be really useful, especially at nighttime; but at times all they seem to do is circulate the already warm air.  Try placing a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of the fan – this should cool the air that is being circulated.


During the day, draw your curtains

If any of your rooms are in a particular sunny position, drawing the curtains can stop the sun from beating in during the day and should result in the room being cooler.


Ventilate your house

When you are at home, try opening all of the windows on the same floor – this should create a through breeze.  If you have a loft, you could try opening your loft door to allow the heat to escape up through the roof. 



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