How to entertain the kids during School Holidays!

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Whether you’re looking for some inspiration over the Summer holiday to take advantage of six solid weeks of quality family time or simply looking to get as much done in a week during Half-Term, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

While school holidays are an excellent opportunity to spend time with the kids doing something a bit different, it’s easy to feel pressured into making sure they are constantly entertained. And with entertainment, usually comes cost – which really adds up over six weeks. Not to mention thinking up an activity to do every day; you probably find you run out of ideas after the first week!

So to give you ideas but also help you save money, here’s our twist on LollyJane’s Summer Boredom Buster popsicle sticks:


Summer Activity Jar

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You will need:

  • 42 wooden lollypop sticks, one for every day of Summer
  • Red, orange and green paint
  • Black permanent marker


How to make it:

Start by cleaning out an old jar – you can let the kids decorate it if you like (one activity down!). Label itSummer Activity Jar’.

Each lollypop stick represents an activity, and each activity will be colour coded based on how much it costs to do:

Red = Costs a lot

Orange = Costs a little

Green = Free!

Everyone’s budget will be different; so if you are happy to spend more, you can have more ‘red’ activities, if you want to spend less, have more ‘green’ activities.

Dip the ends of the lolly sticks in the paint so you have enough of each colour. Once they’ve dried, write the activity on the lolly stick. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Red (costs a lot)

Visit the Aquarium



Orange (costs a little)

Bake a Cake



Green (FREE)

Visit the Museum


We hope this gives you all the inspiration you need to have a fantastic Summer holiday! Don’t forget to send us your activity ideas and photos for the Fun 4 All Summer challenge, for the chance to win a bundle of toys worth over £200.




The Summer Challenge Competition


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