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It is always inspiring to see what’s going on in the world of children’s technology and the Digital Kids summit did not disappoint. We are often asked for solutions to problems such as student engagement, children spending too much time on screen as well as what the next big thing is going to be. Here are just a few highlights from the summit that we think are (or are soon going to be) fabulous.


Pen Pal Schools



This is a truly global classroom experience by linking children up to other students studying the same topics around the world. The developers are so confident in their products and believe so strongly in its benefit for children that the first 5 teachers from any school can use it of free. Each child is connected with 4 other children (so within a class of 30, you’ll have input from 120 other children spread out all over the world). Whilst this may not do much to inspire a child to learn maths, subjects such as environmental science, plant adaptation, politics, philosophy and anything with a cultural factor come alive for the students.




A whole suite of free educational apps for young children. Whilst it’s linked to the American educational system, and we’ve not tested many of them on the Good App Guide yet, the ones we have tested seemed good and they are all completely free, giving children who can’t regularly access formal education or who struggle to learn in a classroom setting a wide range of fun learning tools.





Coming soon – A platform that puts parents back in control of their children’s digital experience and gives children what they report wanting most – to be able to play and connect online with their friends. IO Kids provides a social network for children under 13 that is leading the way in online safety without compromising the user experience. – Watch this space.


Wow in the World from Tinkercast



Free podcasts to inspire children’s curiosity and bring learning to life in and out of a classroom.

The growing library of podcasts cover topics from the solar eclipse to happiness.




A range of construction toys and a growing number of apps that are designed with a strong narrative to encourage girls to engage in construction play and STEM subjects.


Amazon Rapids (coming soon to the UK)



A series of message-based short stories to support children’s reading for fun. With read along and dictionary features, this may be the answer to reluctant readers and fulfil Amazon’s aim of reversing the decline in reading for fun.

An app to help distract children during medical procedures, Cue, a robot designed to help children learn to code and an app to help parents think of fun things to do with their children in the real world are also on our radar and we’ll be updating you on these and other developments in the digital kids world.

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