Halloween Craft Ideas for All Ages

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Arts and crafts are a great way to keep children entertained; they don’t have to cost a lot and you’ll have some ghoulish decorations to adorn the house too. 


Craft ideas for two to four year-olds


Masking Tape Mummy by No Time for Flash Cards


Shape Witch by Toddler Approved


DIY Halloween Stampers by Powerful Mothering


Developmental Tips

Crafts are an excellent way for younger children to improve their hand strength and coordination (known as fine motor control), which is important for everything from doing up the buttons on their clothes, to holding a pencil to write.

Messy play lets children explore different textures and learn how they can change, for example, seeing colours mix or how wet glue dries hard.


Craft ideas for five to seven year-olds


Monster Hands by Happy Hooligans


Crazy Cats by That Artist Woman


Spider Headband by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Developmental Tips

Friends are important to children at this age; crafts are a great activity for them to do together, developing social skills. School-aged children take great pride in the things they make, so crafts can build their confidence and self-esteem.

More detailed crafts require a higher level of dexterity and concentration which helps refine children’s hand-eye coordination and encourages them to focus – a great skill for paying attention in the classroom.


Craft ideas for eight to 12 year-olds

Spider Sacks by Modern Parents Messy Kids

Monster Smores by This Heart of Mine

Felt Ghost by Activity Village

Developmental Tips

Children this age can take more control of their craft, in following instructions, experimenting with ideas, and solving problems when they arise. This makes crafts great for developing their thinking skills.

Trying out new crafts, such as sewing, gives children new skills to master, making them more confident to try other new activities. They can also add a personal touch which is great for developing creativity and encouraging children to experiment with their own style.

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