Seven quick, easy and healthy picnic food ideas to try!

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In light of the gorgeous weather we have been experiencing, we thought we’d compile a list of picnic foods that the children can help make, for all of those lovely picnics in the park. 

Getting your child involved in the kitchen teaches them valuable skills and is a great bonding activity.

Afterall, lots of important conversations can happen in the kitchen!

Children tend to be more open to trying new flavours if they have been involved in the preparation and they will also learn the basics of food hygiene, develop their fine motor skills as they chop and peel, practice their math skills through measuring and weighing ingredients and learn some scientific concepts along the way!  Older children can read the recipe for themselves, helping them to practise reading for meaning. 

Salad in a jar  

These travel well, are relatively easy to make and allow children to personalise their salads with their favourite flavours. Add fruit and ham for a bit of a twist. (from Hello Wonderful)



Pitta pockets  

How about letting the children choose their own ingredients to fill their pitta bread? There is some inspiration here, but anything goes!  (from The Kitchn)



Mini omelette muffins 

 A  yummy alternative to sandwiches, just whip up a batch from whatever you have in the fridge. (by Delicious and Real)


Antipasti skewers

 Fun, easy to assemble and a colourful addition to any picnic! (By Baker by Nature)



Salad Wraps

  These look nearly too cute to eat!  Children will like filling and then rolling the wraps to create their edible creatures. (Okay, so you might need to disassemble your snails to transport them…but they’ll be delicious all the same!)  (by Super Healthy Kids)



Homemade Dips

  Make up a tub of your own homemade dip to take along, plus a few crackers and vegetable sticks. (by Tesco Food)



Cookie cutter fruit salad

  A simple fruit salad recipe an alternative way of using your cookie cutters.  Let the children experiment with different shapes and fruit – they may be more tempted to try something if it is an appealing shape! You could also use your funkily-shaped fruit in your salad jars. (by Wit and Whistle


We hope that we have not only inspired you to get the kids in the kitchen this summer but have also shown that picnic food doesn’t have to be boring! 

Fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine and you will have plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your family.

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