Three fun outdoor activities for kids

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Guest Post by Michael Davies, Edited by Anna Taylor.

Tired of seeing your children in front of the TV?

Are you fed up with them just being glued to their gadget screens?

Would you like to find out what other activities they can do?

When you are at a loss on activities for youngsters that do not involve tablets, phones, and other tech thingamajigs, then you might like to consider outdoor play.


Modern Maladies

Children under the age of seven spend four hours a day on average looking at electronic screens, double the amount of time they spend outdoors. This not only causes eyesight problems like blurry vision, dry eyes, and fatigue but also headaches and posture problems. Research suggests that children may even be more susceptible to these problems than adults.

When you want your children to stop playing with their tech toys, then it is time to take them outside to play. Any wonderful wooden play house will surely capture their attention. They can turn it into a cottage in the woods, an enchanting cabin, or maybe the headquarters for their superhero squad. Children’s imaginations are boundless so a house can magically turn into a castle in the blink of an eye.


Get out and Move

Outdoor play will help children avoid a sedentary lifestyle and lots of advantages that help their mental, emotional, physical, and social development. It will also give you time to bond as a family especially when you engage in group or family activities.


Here are three fun-filled outdoor activities that your child can enjoy:


1. Sandpit Sessions

These boxes full of sand can transport your children into fantastic imaginative worlds. Promoting freedom and creativity, little ones love digging into this nature-made toy.

Not only are sandboxes fun, but they also help in your child’s developmental milestones. Motor skills are enhanced with tiny hands touching, moulding, and deconstructing sand. It also helps strengthen their finger and hand muscles building sandcastles and “sandscrapers”.

Playing in the sand can also add to their sensory vocabulary. Young kids like toddlers and preschoolers will learn words like dry, squishy, sandy, bumpy, runny, and many more. You can take this chance to teach them new words, colours and textures, and many more.


2. Tent Time


Let your little explorer enjoy the outdoors by setting up a tent. They can play make-believe with their playmates, toys, or even with you. Tents can become dungeons or teahouses. They can use it as a soldier base or a cosy cocoon for lounging and chatting.

You can also spend time outdoors yet still remain cool under the shade of a tent. You can read stories to your youngsters, play with them, or simply have meaningful conversations.


3. Playset Possibilities

These days, there are multi-playsets that combine swings, slides, ladders, and other features that ensure maximum enjoyment.

With a playset in your garden, your kids can have access to a variety of fun games and activities whenever they like – or find your nearest playground for some free entertainment. Aside from the usual swinging, sliding, and climbing, they can release their imagination and engage in creative play.

Role-play games are a hit with children. They can turn their playset into an adventure land – climb up “mountains”, slide down “ravines”, or hang onto “trees”. The possibilities are endless with such young and creative minds.


Into the Swing of Things

Simply going out of the house and playing in the garden can already bring about positive changes in your child.

Being outdoors and getting some fresh air, interacting with others, and spending some time under the sun can also help in improving their health and well being. It can provide you with an opportunity to bond and spend quality moments with your child too.

When you encourage your child to engage in outdoor activities, you also help sharpen their minds, hearts, and bodies. Activities need not be structured. Just let them run around and be carefree and they will surely prefer the outdoors than being cooped up inside their electronic world.  



Michael Davies is the Senior Account Manager at Sandleford, a trusted supplier of letterboxes and home security products and solutions in Australia.

The company’s Swing Slide Climb range has grown and grown over the past four years, and together with Bunnings Australia, it has become one of the most exciting and innovative suppliers and developers of children’s play equipment in the Australian market.

Please note, the products mentioned in this article have not been tested or endorsed by Fundamentally Children/The Good Toy Guide.



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