App Developer of the Month – TinyHands – April 2015

We are delighted to announce that TinyHands is our App Developer of the Month for April 2015.

TinyHands was founded in 2012 and they produce lovely educational Apps for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-school kids.

They believe that children learn best through playing. They teamed up with certified child psychologists and experienced educators out of desire to create fun games that will help children acquire new concepts and improve their skills.

TinyHands design their games to provide quality playtime for parents and children. Playing along with your child is highly recommended and will ensure he/she gets the most benefit from the apps.

The Good App Guide have so far tested 3 TinyHands apps and all of these have achieved our coveted ‘Recommended’ status.

“These apps really stand out for me. TinyHands clearly understand the ages and stages of development in young children. Their games are challenging yet achievable and easy to understand despite cleverly including no text/voiceover – this makes them appropriate for speakers of any language and makes them accessible for pre-readers and even those too young to follow verbal instructions. You just have to watch a child play these games to see them learning cognitive skills in front of your eyes.” Lucy Gill, Head of the Good App Guide

Here is our review of their latest app: Racoon Treehouse.

raccoons treehouse

Racoon Treehouse by Tiny Hands

TinyHands Raccoons Treehouse is an educational app which aims to help develop basic mathematical concepts such as size, colours, numbers and patterns. It uses everyday objects from the child’s world such as clothes and food.

The app is well designed for preschool children and takes into account the early skills which they need to develop. We love the way in which the app gives children free choice to explore the rooms and make choices for themselves.

Here are the TinyHands apps we have tested from their Sorting Series.




TinyHands Sorting 1 is recommended for AGE 2+

tinyhands 1




TinyHands Sorting 3 is recommended for AGE 3+

Tinyhands 1 

A set of sorting games designed to help children acquire basic concepts such as shape, color, size seasons and animals. Game boards are organized in an ascending difficulty level starting from basic sorting followed by more complex context based sorting and classification environments.

Approved TinyHands Apps