CBeebies Playtime

An app for you and your little ones to enjoy, filled with lots of CBeebies favourites and great games for kids!


What is it

The CBeebies Playtime app boasts huge collection of games that can help children develop various skills, with the help of their favourite CBeebies TV characters. They can win CBeebies bugs by playing, to keep in their very own world, along with lots of other positive encouragement to keep them interested.


Alphablocks Word Magic

Children spell the words given using Alphablocks, while the word is pronounced individually, as a word, and in a sentence. The game encourages them to try again when a mistake is made, and gives praise when the child gets it right.


Octonauts Cadet Training

This game gives children the chance to drive a submarine! They have to follow the instructions by quickly press the flashing buttons and levers to avoid crashing.


Tree Fu Tom Chuckleberry Chase

While chasing after the chuckleberry thieves, children need to swipe left and right to avoid obstacles which slow them down, and collect as many dropped berries as they can.


Something Special Paint Pop

This game lets children make a special Mr Tumble rainbow striped bow tie! To colour in the shapes children simply pop bubbles filled with different colours and patterns as they float across the screen.


Make a Picture

Children will love being creative in this game – using coloured pencils, felt tips, paint and stamps they can draw and colour in pictures, their own photos or even start from scratch with a blank canvas.


Nina Neurons Earth Explorers

Nina Neurons guides children as they build a rover to explore the moon, Mars, and Earth. To travel as far as possible, they need to choose the best parts for their rover – for example, using a heavy body for the moon because there is no gravity to hold it down. This helps children learn facts about the Earth and space in an interactive way.


Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

A fantastic game that takes children back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the land! They can look after their own dinosaur – cleaning it, playing fetch, teaching it to roar, and feeding it (does it prefer meat or leaves?). Simple fact files help children learn about their favourite dinosaurs, or they can go out and explore with Andy, who will tell them the names of the dinosaurs they pass – they can even take photos!


Swashbuckle Island Adventure

Children can sail the seas as they find treasure and collect coconuts. But they’ll have to be fast to avoid the pirates!


The Furchester Hotel

Helping out at the Furchester Hotel is hard work! Children will need to follow the instructions to push buttons, drag items, tilt and shake the screen, and speak into the microphone to look after the hotel guests.



What our team of testers said

"You get to do your own cool picture." - Boy age 7

"I like collecting the berries. This is my favourite game." - Boy age 5

Skills Developed

  • A huge range of fun games
  • Dodging obstacles in games helps to develop reaction times
  • Art games encourage creativity
  • Children can learn about space and dinosaurs

What our experts think

Children will love playing games with the familiar CBeebies characters, and CBeebies Playtime covers a range of skills in a really fun way. Hand eye coordination and reaction times are developed in the Chuckleberry Chase and Swashbuckle Island Adventure games, where the player must collect or avoid objects. Children can also practice following instructions in The Furchester Hotel and Octonauts Cadet Training. In Nina Neurons Earth Explorers, children learn to use strategic thinking to travel as far as they can in their rover, by working out which parts of the vehicle are best suited to the different environments. The game gives lots of positive feedback and rewards children with CBeebies bugs for playing, to encourage them to continue. We like that the app includes a range of fun games as well as educational activities.

Play Suggestion

Children can easily enjoy by themselves or with a friend.


  • Brands: CBeebies
  • Key Features:
    • British English
    • Made in the UK
    • No 3rd party adverts
    • No in-app purchasing
    • No internet access required for core features
  • Child Restrictions: Yes- appropriate features restricted
  • Languages available:
  • Appropriate child restricted areas? Yes- appropriate features restricted
  • Apple version: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    Requires iOS 6.0 or later
  • Android version: Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • App Types: Educational Apps
  • Types of skills developed: Art & design
    Design & technology
    Fine motor skills
    Hand-eye coordination
    Imaginative play
    Logic, strategy & problem solving
    Physical & motor skills
    Pincer grip and writing

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