Jungle Animal Hair Salon

A lovely app that uses cute characters to engage children.


What is it

Jungle animal hair salon allows children to unleash their creative side as they cut, colour, shampoo, style and dress up the tropical animals (sloth, leopard, toucan and giraffe.)
Children can colour, cut, shave, wash, dry, comb and style their hair, fur and feathers; they can give manicures; chose fashionable outfits;  and make their clients a fruity cocktail!  The app gives children clear instructions as to what to do and children are rewarded with gold coins for looking after their clients!

The app includes 8 different sections.  Children can choose to give the Sloth a makeover – they shorten, cut, dye and comb Linda’s hair; clean up her long nails and then decorate them. They can then accessorise Linda the sloth and take a photo of her.

In the Leopard section, baby leopard Amy needs a bath; children can wash her, and then make her change her look with makeup and matching leopard nail art; they can then dress her up and record their creation with a photograph.
Toucan, Rosa, needs help creating an outfit for the carnival and Rachel the Giraffe wants a day in the spa followed by a new punk outfit!
There is also a section where children can slice, cut and chop pineapple, oranges, pomegranates, papayas, bananas and watermelon to create fruity cocktails fro the animals.

As well as all of this there is a colouring book, movies and stickers (which are rewarded at the end of each level.)

Tested on an iPad


What our team of testers said

"Look at her nails, I've painted them!" - Girl, aged 3

"I like the Leopard, it is dirty and you have to wash her" girl 7 - Girl, aged 7

"I made sparkly nails mummy!" - Girls, aged 6

Skills Developed

  • Allows children to play imaginatively
  • Exposes children to real life situations
  • Teaches children about a range of tropical fruits

What our experts think

Jungle Animal Hair Salon is a delightfully animated app which uses cute characters to engage children.  We liked the way in which the app used real life situations and could see how this could be transferred into actual role play situations at home.  Children like copying what grown ups do and this app allows them to do this in a fun way.  The fruit cocktail section was a great addition as the children were exposed to a range of tropical fruits; again this could be transferred into the real world and the children could have a go at trying some different fruits and making some fruity drinks at home.

The game play was intuitive and even our youngest testers had no trouble working out what to do; the instructions given were clear and easy to follow.  The children liked the way in which they were rewarded for different elements of the ‘pampering’ and that they could use the gold coins earned to buy other items.  The children were also rewarded with stickers for the sticker book.

We loved the variety in the app; there was a lot for the children to choose from and it is definitely an app that children want to return to.

It would be even better if...

It is a real shame that there is no parent gate and all of the links to other apps have unrestricted access; in order to make this app more suitable for young children it needs to have restrictions.

Some of our testers found the colouring section too sensitive and this caused frustration.

We liked the earning of coins for giving the animals their makeovers, but we don’t think that the children should be rewarded for watching  video!


  • Brands: TutoTOONS
  • Key Features:
    • No 3rd party adverts
    • No in-app purchasing
    • No internet access required for core features
  • Child Restrictions: No - all links unrestricted
  • Languages available:
  • Apple version: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    Requires iOS 6.1 or later
  • Android version: 2.2 and up
  • App Types: Games
  • Types of skills developed: Creativity
    Food & nutrition
    Imaginative play
    Understanding the world

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