Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is a great online learning tool for schools, which helps to inspire creative writing, reading and drawing skills in children!


What is it

Night Zookeeper is an online learning tool for schools that, in particular, encourages creative writing. Within the online world of the night zoo, at home or at school, children are encouraged to create magical creatures as well as read and write their own stories. The tool can be purchased for one or more classes in school. The class progress is easy to manage by the class teacher and each student is able to logon via the web from anywhere – at home or in class.

Steered by the teacher, the game encourages children to complete creative writing challenges targeted at their age group, providing sufficient prompt to inspire but leaving endless scope for the child’s imagination. Their skills are developed in line with their age such as by requiring a minimum number of words, use of specific words etc and the additional features (community, sharing, gameplay, drawing etc) continue to motivate them.

Key features include:

  • 2 week free trial
  • Link to the national curriculum: track and assess writing levels from Year 1 to Year 6
  • Provide individual feedback on children’s work
  • Free teacher resources and lesson plans
  • Motivating class competitions
  • Strategic gameplay as a reward and motivator
  • World-wide Night Zookeeper community: e.g. opportunity for great work to be nominated and featured in the world wide ‘Night Times’
  • Opportunity for inspiration through reading the work of other young writers
  • Gender neutral play – equally popular with boys and girls
  • Structured reading scheme: chapters are unlocked as they progress through the game
  • Encouraging digital drawing and sketching skills

What our team of testers said

"I like drawing characters and writing about them using all my imagination" - Girl, Year 6

"I love the battles and collecting all the good animals" - Boy, Year 6

"It's interesting looking around the room when they are playing Night Zookeeper in class, you can see lots of writing screens up - it certainly seems to encourage them to concentrate on writing even the more reluctant ones" - Teacher, Year 6

Skills Developed

  • Inspires creative writing
  • Encourages digital drawing skills
  • Motivates young reader, writers
  • Wonderful resource for teachers to both motivate and assess in line with the curriculum

What our experts think

Night Zookeeper is a fabulous tool for schools. It encourages children’s creative writing and wider creativity skills whilst being great fun to play both during class and at home. At Fundamentally Children we have trialled this in the classroom, monitoring usage for half a term. Children particularly loved the battles and sharing their creatures with each other and we were delighted to see how successfully this motivated them to complete the creative writing exercises and come up with more and more weird and wonderful creatures for their zoo.
The challenges provided by Night Zookeeper were also particularly successful at getting the children writing and we could see how keen the children were to be nominated for the Night Times.
We were impressed to see the effort children were putting into designing their creatures with some being particularly imaginative and we were pleased to see even the battles encourage strategy skills.

The teacher had found it a wonderful tool to engage the class with writing exercises and praised several of its features. The minimum word requirement, prompts and ability to require students to use particular words in their writing were all considered useful. The teacher was also pleased to see how impressed parents were with Night Zookeeper too, children were clearly enjoying using it at home as well as at school.

All in all this is a wonderful tool for the classroom to encourage creative writing in a fun, engaging way.

It would be even better if...

Children commented that the drawing tools were quite basic. They wanted to be able to add/resize particular shapes in particular to give them more creative freedom.

Teachers commented that whilst the initial Skype tutorial was great to help them understand how to use the tool, they wanted more practical help (e.g. lesson plans) to get started. Teacher resources are available via the Night Zookeeper website some teachers may miss these. Links to ‘getting started’ resources (lesson plans, writing exercises) should be sent to new teachers automatically. A forum for teachers to share their ideas and experiences would also be valuable.


  • Brands: Night Zookeeper
  • Key Features:
    • British English
    • Made in the UK
    • No 3rd party adverts
    • No in-app purchasing
  • Child Restrictions: Yes- appropriate features restricted
  • Languages available:
  • App Types: Educational Apps
  • Types of skills developed: Art & design
    Design & technology
    Learning to read
    Learning to write
    Speech, language and communication skills
    Story telling
    Vocabulary building

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