Preschoolers ABC Playground

A Read and Write Learning App with Fun Animals for children


What is it

Preschoolers ABC Playground (PRO) is an app for animal-loving preschoolers.  It helps develop basic literacy skills and puts them into a real life context.

The app starts off by helping children to learn their letters and shows them how they are written and how they fit together to make words.  As children progress they are given ways to both learn and practice writing and reading. The app also includes a simple  physics game as a reward.

There are seven sections within the app:
• FLASHCARDS. Introduce each upper case letter by both name and sound. You can also choose to trace each letter to demonstrate how it’s written.

• ALPHABET. The first exercise in this section shows upper and lower case letters in alphabetical order, together with their animal partners. A matching game then gets your kids dragging and dropping upper case tiles onto their lower case counterparts or vice versa. A third exercise asks your child to pair together upper case letters with the correct animals.

• PAIRS. There are three versions of the classic memory card game in this section. Match upper case letters, upper and lower case letters or upper case letters and animal pairs.

• WORDS. Unscramble letters to spell animal names. There are three different levels of difficulty – beginner, advanced and Pro.

• PRACTICE. Gives your kid lots of practice tracing upper and lower case letters.

• WRITE. A drawing board where children can practice on either a blank page or one with ruled lines. If they want to copy letters then there are tiles available that they can drag and drop onto the board.

• YETI and his flying apple(core) – as a break, a reward or just for fun! If your child is spending too long playing this game then you can either limit their playtime in settings or hide the game completely.

Tested on an iPad


What our team of testers said

"I liked the games" - Girl aged 5

"Cccccccccccccccatttttttttttttttt (app) "that's funny mummy" - Boy aged 4

"I liked learning to write the letters" - Girl aged 5

Skills Developed

  • Helps children to recognise upper and lower case letters and their associated sounds
  • Allows children to practise forming letters
  • Encourages recognition of initial sounds

What our experts think

This is a good app which allows children to practise their alphabetical knowledge.  Children not only learn about what the upper and lower case letters look like, they also get to hear the sound and a related picture.  It is important that children see letters in context and this app relates each one to an animal.

We really liked the free write sections where children could practise their letter formation on the screen.  This kind of free play and experimentation plays a vital role in learning to read and write.

The way children had to earn apples, by completing the Literacy games, in order to play the game with the Yeti was good motivation.

It would be even better if...

We would like the parent gate to have been more secure- it was very easy for children to access.

We would also like it to be clearer at the start that you can change to having a British English voiceover – some of our testers missed this and it’s a great feature for the UK audience.


  • Brands: Jan Essig
  • Key Features:
    • British English
    • No 3rd party adverts
    • No in-app purchasing
    • No internet access required for core features
  • Child Restrictions: Yes- appropriate features restricted
  • Languages available: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

    Parent gate is very simple.
  • Apple version: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    Requires iOS 6.0 or later
  • Android version: 2.2 and up
  • App Types: Educational Apps
  • Types of skills developed: English
    Learning to read
    Learning to write
    Speech, language and communication skills

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