Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

A delightfully animated and visually pleasing app that aims to teach children about the solar system.


What is it

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is based on the popular children’s book ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space.’

Once you join on the Astro Cat Space Programme with Professor Astro Cat and his sidekick Astro Mouse, you embark on a fact-filled mission to find out about the solar system.

Children start by selecting their cat character and entering their name; their mission is then set.  Once you are ready to start you are presented with your personalised space programme card.

The app contains a wealth of facts presented in different ways; once children think they are ready they can then play the game and answer questions based on what they have been exploring.  There are some great touches, such as the working out your age on Mercury ‘computer’.

5 – EXPLORE the frontiers of our solar system.
Travel the vastness of space with the tip of your finger!

4 – DISCOVER planets, moons, suns, spacecraft and everything in between.
Get to the core of the matter with the ‘unzip’ feature!

3 – PLAY awesome jetpack challenges.
Fuel Astro’s jetpack with your new-found knowledge!

2 – EARN cool medals for your collection.
Get three stars in your Jetpack challenges to win all 11!

1 – BUILD a rocket as you go.
Winning medals creates rocket parts – you’ll need them all!


What our team of testers said

"Mercury is the smallest, like a peppercorn and look at jupiter, Its the size of a watermelon" - girl aged 9

"I love space." - boy aged 9

"The earth is amazing. Is this where we live?" - boy aged 7

Skills Developed

  • Teaches children about the solar system
  • Encourages children to remember facts
  • Requires children to read the information and then answer questions based on what they have learnt

What our experts think

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is a delightfully animated and visually pleasing app that aims to teach children about the solar system.  We were amazed by the depth of knowledge that the app went into and the subsequent facts that our testers learnt. The visual elements were brilliant; we particularly liked the way in which you could look at the whole solar system and zoom in and out.

We really liked the fact each user of the app could set up their own profile; our testers loved it when their name was used on the profile card in some of the messages – this was a lovely touch.

Our testers enjoyed learning new things and exploring our solar system; this is a great app to share with an adult (at home or in school) and would be really useful for children learning about the Earth in Space in Science at school.

It would be even better if...

We would like to have seen a parent gate in the profile area; children can email/text message a copy of their profile card which some parents may not want to allow.

There was a lot of text for children to read and absorb – it would be better if there was an option to listen to the facts; videos would also be a good addition.

The question game was the same throughout the app; a few more mini games would have been welcomed by our testers.  Also, there wasn’t much time to answer each question and lots of our testers needed more time.


  • Brands: Minilab
  • Key Features:
    • British English
    • Made in the UK
    • No 3rd party adverts
    • No in-app purchasing
    • No internet access required for core features
  • Child Restrictions: Partly - some unrestricted links
  • Languages available:
  • Apple version: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    Requires iOS 7.0 or later
  • Android version: 2.3 and up
  • App Types: Educational Apps
  • Types of skills developed: Cognitive
    Memory, concentration & attention
    Speech, language and communication skills
    Understanding the world

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