Back to School Articles

Here are a range of articles covering back to school in the media by Dr Amanda Gummer:




3rd Sep 2015

Starting Primary School – The Emotional Rollercoaster

Lucy Gill shares her thoughts on what it is like as a parent to send your child to primary school for the first time.




20th May 2015

Homework Hell

Can too much homework be a good thing in the long run? Dr Amanda Gummer joins a number of commentators to discuss this issue.




20th May 2015

Should my Child change Schools?

Arguing with siblings and complaining of being bored tops Butlin’s list of children’s most annoying in-car antics. Dr Gummer shares her experience and suggests how to make the car journey more enjoyable for all involved

 first day at school



13th Feb 2015

5 Helpful Ways to keep a routine during Half Term

With Half-Term starting today, Dr Amanda Gummer offers some insight on maintaining a routine

 two girls doing homework

15th Nov 2014

Private and State: The Best School for each Child

Could a private-state school split between siblings cause a rift in the family? Dr Amanda Gummer discusses how to avoid conflict and create a positive environment at home.