Birthday Presents for Children: Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Not sure what toys to buy for a two year-old? Read on for some tips and suggestions from the Good Toy Guide experts!

 These are some examples of toys that a child of this age may enjoy, but please remember that every child is unique and has a preference for different toys and brands.

Role Play

Children will watch the behaviour and routines of adults and try to copy them. Toy hoovers, kitchens or workbenches really help them to mimic the adult world. They will love to hoover at the same time as parents are doing the housework or cook lunch and pretend to feed it to dolls/teddies.

Props to support this role play are really popular at this age – we like the My First Doctors Kit which is made from lovely colourful wood and comes with loads of Doctor’s equipment including medicine and a bandage, as well as a Doctor’s bag to keep it all in.

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This classic activity provides endless fun for a toddler. It will improve concentration, problem-solving skills and strengthen fine motor skills. The satisfaction children feel when they finish the puzzle and can see the full picture really boosts confidence and makes them want to do it again and again. Simple two- or three-piece puzzles help children learn how to join the pieces together and make a good introduction to the jigsaw concept before progressing onto puzzles with more pieces.

Puzzles also increase hand–eye coordination, as children need to work out where pieces go and maybe turn or twist a piece to fit it into the correct place.

Puzzles can also introduce toddlers to new topics, such as What Do I Do? by Orchard Toys. This is a collection of 3-piece puzzles, that can help children learn about different occupations (such as a fire fighter or a postman).

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Building even the simplest of towers can promote many skills and abilities. Fine motor skills are strengthened, as is concentration, and there are plenty of opportunities to improve children’s vocabulary and shape and colour recognition.
Children’s imagination is endless so children can use construction toys to create anything they like, from a house to a dinosaur! These toys have great play value as they can be dismantled and rebuilt time after time.

Acropats are good for this age as they are versatile – when we tested them we saw children creating bracelets, animals, boats and more. They are also made of durable foam, so they double as a bath toy too!

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Pull Alongs

As walking is a relativity new concept to your child they will not get bored of dragging toys around, especially if they make a noise when they move or flap their feet. These are easy toys to take out and about too – walking a duck pull-along toy around the park can offer your child plenty of entertainment whilst they get excellent exercise and strengthen their leg muscles ready to run.

The Pull Along Pinky Ponk from the In the Night Garden series is a lovely example, and children will love how interactive the toy is!

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Matching Pairs

As children start to learn their colours and shapes, toys and games that encourage matching pairs, such as ‘memory card games’, will engage your child and reinforce the skills she is learning as well as promoting problem-solving and perseverance.

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Water or Sand Tables

These activity tables help develop core stability as children are moving their arms and need to stay upright in order to play. They are also good for introducing other children into your child’s play activities and allowing them to play independently while gradually learning to share. Playing with water or sand is also great for developing the muscles in the hands and will promote fine motor skills.

Little Tikes have a wonderful pirate-themed Anchors Away water table, complete with a squirting shark and a crow’s nest! This is a really popular toy and particularly good for sharing between young children.

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Page updated: December 2015

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