Birthday Presents for Children: Gift Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Not sure what toys to buy for a five year-old? Read on for some tips and suggestions from the Good Toy Guide experts!

 These are some examples of toys that a child of this age may enjoy, but please remember that every child is unique and has a preference for different toys and brands.

Family Games

Endless fun can be had playing the same games over and over again and the quality family time gained from this is valuable to everyone.

Also, while communication and bonding is improved, the concept of friendly and gentle competition is introduced to the child (which they will need to learn to cope with when they start school as well as later in life!).

Ensure you choose a board game that is age appropriate. A child’s confidence can be damaged if you provide them with games they find really tricky and they will get bored very quickly if it is too easy. Find a game that offers educational benefits too – perhaps one that requires number or letter recognition, counting or adding (one with a dice can offer all of these).

Orchard from HABA is great for this age and involves harvesting wooden fruit pieces and putting them in your basket – when we tested this the children really got into the excitement of collecting the fruit before the raven ate it!

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Favourite Brands / Characters

Children are likely to have a favourite story or television programme, and as their world expands, they are likely to revert back to old favourites as well as finding new ‘cool’ brands to engage with. Do make sure the toys you buy are good toys in their own right and are not just popular because of the characters they are associated with.

We found that the Radio Controlled Inflatable Minion from Bladez Toyz was hugely popular with this age group, and there was a lot of laughter as they chased one another with it! We love how the clever design means that when the Minion falls over it simply bounces back up again.

Toys to Help Develop Numeracy

Giving children support with learning numbers can really boost their confidence and help them succeed at school.

There are so many games and toys that can assist with teaching recognition of numbers, adding and subtracting and counting – it is all about finding ones that are fun. Number puzzles, clocks, toy telephones or tills and many board games will involve numbers in some form.

Casdon’s Little Shopper Supermarket Till has everything a little shopper needs, including play food and money, a scanner, and a working calculator.

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Toys to Help Develop Literacy

Literacy covers a large range of skills from language development, spelling and reading through to writing. Children may find some aspects easier than others and toys and games can help boost confidence across the skills – whether it is letter games that promote spelling or word games that encourage reading. 

Magnetic letters that can be stuck to the fridge can help with spelling names or making funny sentences. Games involving matching words with pictures promote vocabulary and spelling.

The Magnetic Words & Board – Reception Year from Fiesta Crafts includes the 45 high frequency words that 5 year olds will be learning at school, so it’s great for supporting their learning. Children can play around with sentences stuck on the fridge, or play the suggested games like Bingo and Hangman for some fun practise.

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Tech Toys

Gadgets and toys that interact with tablets are increasingly starting to feature in play time.

Tiggly Words is a set of plastic vowels, that can be ‘stamped’ onto a tablet screen to interact with 3 different games, helping children practise their letters and spelling.

If you are thinking of buying a tablet for a child, have a look at our tablet comparison guide for more information on features – such as parental controls and content – that are key when considering a tablet for a child.

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Outdoor Toys

Balls, play houses, climbing frames, and other outdoor toys are great for encouraging children to play actively outside and burn off some of that energy. Instilling an active approach to life can help children develop a healthy body and mental attitude that will stay with them into adulthood.

The TP Toys Castlewood Tower has a slide, swings and even a shaded play area with benches and a sandpit – brilliant for active as well as imaginative play and ideal for families with more than one child to cater for.

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Page updated: December 2015

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