Birthday Presents for Children: Gift Ideas for Babies

Not sure what toys to buy for a baby? Read on for some tips and suggestions from the Good Toy Guide experts!

 These are some examples of toys that a child of this age may enjoy, but please remember that every child is unique and has a preference for different toys and brands.

Sensory Toys (Birth to six months)

Babies are just starting to explore the world they are in and toys that stimulate them with things to look at, listen to and feel can give them lots of experiences to develop their senses. Look for toys that make sounds, light up, have mirrors, bright colours and patterns, and different textures to give them lots to explore.

Baby’s Very First Book is made of soft, crinkly fabric which is safe for babies to handle (and chew on!). It has basic high contrast images and a mirror on the front to stimulate the baby’s visual senses.

Soft Toys (Birth to twelve months)

Little ones love to cuddle up to a soft toy and as they get older are likely to have a favourite ‘comfort’ toy. Soft toys are good for this because they hold familiar smells. You can also get soft toys that can comfort babies as well as offer further sensory stimulation, with different patterns and textures.

The My First Forever Friends Sweet Dreams bear is super-soft and cuddly. It also comforts babies with a soft pink glow and four baby-sensitive sounds to help them drift off to sleep.

Activity Centres (Birth to twelve months)

A collection of sensory toys in one place is great for stimulating and entertaining babies who aren’t yet mobile. Some of these toys also have a bouncing seat, allowing children to strengthen their leg muscles ready for crawling and walking.

The Walker Jumper has a removable activity centre with buttons, lights and sounds, and this can be removed to give little ones a tray for snacks or other toys. What’s great about the Walker Jumper is that it can easily be changed from a walker that supports babies as they walk around their environment, to a jumper they can bounce in to strengthen their developing leg muscles.

Musical Toys (Six to twelve months)

As well as giving the baby sensory experiences, musical toys can facilitate listening skills and language learning. There are various toys that play music when buttons are pressed or sensors are activated.

The In The Night Garden Explore and Learn Musical Activity Table has lots of fun sounds, lights and buttons to entertain little ones. The table encourages babies to start pulling themselves up ready for walking, but the top can also be removed and put on the floor for younger ones.

Wheeled Toys (Six to twelve months)

Toys that can be pushed or pulled along encourage babies to start moving as they play with the toy, strengthening arm and leg muscles needed for crawling.

The Beeping Ladybird wooden push along has rounded edges to help children’s grasp and pushing the body results in a ‘beep’ sound to get the baby’s attention.

Art Materials (Six to twelve months)

As they reach a year old, babies will start to enjoy messy play. They may like squishing play doh, smearing paint across paper with their hands, and although a proper grasp will not have developed they can start to use chunky crayons. This is a great opportunity for creativity and will start to develop their fine motor skills needed for writing.

The Primo Finger Paints have 6 different colours and pots with wide openings so baby’s can dunk their hands right in the paint! There is also a paint brush which is ideal for older siblings to join in with the creative session.

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Page updated: December 2015

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