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Expert Insights on Children’s Mental Health: Understanding and Supporting Young Minds

  As children return to school, it’s being reported that more than ever before are suffering from poor mental health.  Some children may be struggling with issues at home, such as parental conflict or abuse, while others may be dealing […]

Would a child psychologist recommend BeReal for Kids?

There’s an argument that all social media should BE REAL. With the quest to shoot the perfect selfie or present an idyllic lifestyle, at some point in time, we have all been tempted by the urge to ‘delete that and […]

Christmas Must Haves

By Dr Amanda Gummer and Gemma Ballard (Updated for 2022)   Christmas is just around the corner and the shops have already started to bring in the Christmas produce and decorations to buy. With under two months to go until [...]

Christmas Festive Faves

Updated for 2022 By Gemma Ballard   Ho Ho Ho! The nights are drawing in and the Christmas decorations are popping up in the shops. It can only mean one thing… Christmas is on the way! Summer may only just [...]

The Importance of Digital Play in a Child’s Development

    “Fish swim, birds fly, children play.” – Dr. Garry Landreth   Play is as natural to children as flight is to birds. It’s their purpose. Play is how children learn about themselves, and others, and make sense of […]

Buying Good Toys for Christmas and how to avoid counterfeit toys

What you will learn: Where to find Good Toys which are safe and beneficial to your child’s development How to identify malicious and fake sites and avoid them.    It’s the holiday season! Even though it’s just October, it’s time […]

How to help your child fall asleep with soft toys

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: The importance of soft toys for developing healthy sleep patterns How Dream Beams soft toys can be used to help children fall asleep easier       From the moment we become parents, we know all [...]

Tips for your family’s first Christmas without a loved one

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us will be looking forward to this time of relaxation, indulgence and festive films. However, for some of us, the oncoming festivities serve as a reminder of those loved ones that […]

Five ideas for alternative advent calendars

Updated for 2022   One of the most magical things about Christmas is the time leading up to it. It can provide a whole month of excitement and fun and offers an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and [...]

Managing expectations at Christmas during the cost of living crisis

Everywhere you turn, the effects of the cost-of-living crisis can be seen. With inflation increasing at an alarming rate, whether in your weekly food shop or the continuing upward trajectory of energy prices, many people are struggling to get through [...]

How can outdoor play improve my child’s mental health?

To children, play is just fun. However, while they may not realise it, playtime is as important to their development as food and maths. Play helps children to be creative, learn problem-solving skills and develop a sense of curiosity. Good, [...]

How to teach your Child about Money

Globally, we are becoming progressively more reliant on non-physical forms of money. Over the past two decades, there has been a steady movement towards a cashless society, with the impact of the coronavirus speeding this process up considerably. With the […]

Baby Bouncers or Rocking Chairs?

What you will learn: The difference between a bouncing chair and a rocking char Which one best suits your child’s needs Although a newborn spends much of their time sleeping, as the weeks go by, they will spend more and […]

How to successfully transition back to school for children with additional needs

For children with additional needs, anxiety about returning to school after the summer break can be overwhelming. Dealing with changes in setting (the school building instead of home) and community (teachers and peers instead of family) are often the most […]

Power of storytelling: Coping and communicating through stories

We all love a good story. From famous wizards and hobbit adventures – to that crime series we couldn’t stop watching! Escapism is a favourite of children and adults alike and there’s a good reason for it.  Storytelling isn’t just […]

Blended families: What to do when your child doesn’t like your partner

Blended families are now commonplace in the United Kingdom and the traditional 2.4 family unit is in some respects, a thing of the past. When a new family is formed that includes children from a previous relationship, this is termed […]

How to keep children entertained when on the go this summer holiday

Article Updated: August 2022 As the summer holidays are here, you may have planned a getaway for the family to enjoy and spend time together. This may not necessarily mean a plane trip abroad, many families this year may be [...]

How to after-school clubs can help vulnerable children

Every child should have the chance to reach their potential, but there’s an education gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children.  Attainment 8 is a way of measuring how well pupils do in key stage 4, which they usually finish when […]

The importance of children’s activities

In a post-pandemic world, social activities have taken on a new significance. These were the things children missed out on the most during lockdown and the impacts of 2 years of intermittent school, cancelled clubs and social isolation will be […]

Keeping Your Child Safe From Dangerous Social Media Challenges

Written by Aaisha Rahim What you will learn: The dangers of social media trends How to keep your child safe online Current dangerous social media trends to be aware of We’ve all heard the news about 12-year-old Archie Battersbee, a […]

How to get newborn to sleep at night

One thing we know about babies is that they don’t sleep for very long. New parents can expect their sleep to be disrupted for quite some time. How long? Well, that depends on your baby.     For most of […]

How to explain gender and identity to a child

What you will learn: How to talk to your child about gender The signs that your child is struggling with their gender identity Toys to help in the discussion     Gender is not always as simple as being categorised [...]

How the Curlimals can help form healthy relationships for kids

Like most social skills, developing the skills to form healthy relationships is something that requires time and patience. It is learnt through observations of others, as well as organically, through interactions with peers. Supporting your child to develop these skills [...]

Heatwave for UK: Summer play ideas to keep cool

With news of a heatwave for the UK just around the corner and forecasters predicting the hottest day ever in the UK, our team have curated a list of fun things to do with Summer here to keep the family […]

Car seat accessories for your baby

More and more of our lives are spent in and around the car. Babies have popped in the car for the journey to the nursery and home again; back again for a short trip to the shops; the long drive […]

Baby Clothes: Essentials and Tips

There are many super clothes around for babies and toddlers and it’s so easy to go overboard and waste your money on something that just sits in the drawer. If you plan a baby’s basic wardrobe carefully, you can still […]

When can a baby travel by car

  We all know accidents happen and they can be quite frequent when travelling by car. That’s why we take out insurance to pay for any damage and wear seatbelts to protect us. It is also the reason why we […]

How to help your child develop empathy – through nurturing imaginative play

What you will learn: The development of empathy and ways to encourage your child to be more empathetic. How the Curlimal family can be used to actively develop the skills associated with empathy Empathy is the ability to understand other [...]

10 Fun and Free Activities to do with your kids this Summer

Summer is finally here! We all want to make the most of our time off with our kids, but the holidays and day trips start to add up pretty quickly… We don’t need to drain our bank accounts to make […]

The benefits of water play

What you will learn: The benefits of water play for social, cognitive and language development for your child How the Waterwall encourages the development of these skills in a fun and interactive way Who doesn’t have fond memories of playing [...]

How to encourage creative play for children

What you will learn: The benefits of encouraging balanced and creative play All about the Naylor Activity Tunnel We all understand the downfalls of too much screen time. Headaches, blurry eyes, foggy brain and trouble sleeping are only a few [...]

Do I need a changing bag?

There are only a few things to consider where changing bags are concerned – will it take everything you need; what does it look like and what can you afford! If you are taking baby to your mum’s while you […]

Pregnancy essentials guide

‘What can I wear’ is the cry of women everywhere. But it becomes a real cry from the heart when you are pregnant. Whether you prefer the latest fashions or are a little more conservative, buying maternity clothes can be […]

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids of all ages – Summer 2022

What you will learn: Our favourite picks from the Good Toy Guide this Summer Fun and educational toys to entertain and support your child's development over the break.  Summer is an exciting time for many people. The days are longer, [...]

Where to shop for your baby

Buyer Beware! Where are you planning to buy the things you need for baby? Many parents-to-be will inevitably look online. So easy to buy what you want with a couple of clicks. But is it the right thing to do?  […]

How to make learning more inclusive for children with SEND

What you will learn: How to make learning more inclusive with the HUE Animation Studio. How HUE Animation Studio encourages inclusive activities in the classroom  Whether you’re a parent wanting to support your child’s education at home, or a teacher [...]

Sustainable living at home with the family

What you will learn: The importance of teaching children about sustainability and being eco-friendly. Products that can help to encourage eco-friendly changes within your household.   It has never been more important to do our bit to combat climate change. […]

How to help your child with anxiety

What you will learn: How to take care of your child's mental health Products that can help to improve your child's mental wellbeing When it comes to taking care of our children’s mental health, it is often difficult to know [...]

The Egg-cellent Easter Gift Guide for Kids 2022

As we hop into Easter, you may be looking for some tips or ideas on what toys to buy for your children that are going to be well made, educational and most importantly, fun. At the Good Play Guide, we [...]

How to help your child become more independent

It is only natural that over the last couple of years, children may have encountered fewer new experiences than you would expect in normal times. As travel has been limited for many of us around the world, they may have [...]

How to start weaning a baby

The time soon comes when baby needs more than just milk. It’s time to introduce solids! There are two main approaches to this, usually described as Baby-led weaning and Parent-led weaning. Which you choose is up to you – and […]

How to handle potty training when out and about

There comes the day when you decide now is the time to potty train your little one. That’s fine when you’re at home but what about when you go out? When little one needs a potty, they need it now! […]

How will exams be different this year and how to prepare for them

Over the last two years, exams have been hugely disrupted, leading to grades based on coursework, projects, and teacher assessments. This means that children have missed out on the experience of taking exams they would have otherwise had, so may [...]

How to talk to your child about Russia invading Ukraine

To say it’s a tricky time to be a parent right now is an understatement. You’ve just made it through a global pandemic, then war breaks out in Ukraine.  So the first thing I want to remind you is to […]

Twelve Easter craft ideas for Children of all ages

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep children entertained over the Easter holidays and they don’t have to cost a lot either. Plus, you’ll be creating some lovely keepsakes you can look back on as your child grows […]

How to keep your child safe while gaming online

Gaming online has increased in popularity during the pandemic and is now more prevalent than ever in a lot of children’s lives. Many games are now focused on building an online community and connecting with other players. This can be […]

Five ways to teach your child coding

A recent article by Mary-Ann Russon at BBC News asked the question, What can we do to get more women into coding?  "We need to teach kids coding with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles,” says Garry Law, founder of [...]

How to teach your child about online safety

February brings Safer Internet Day and as the world becomes increasingly connected via technology, you may wonder how to make sure your child is safe online.  However, it is just as important for children to understand how privacy keeps them [...]

How to introduce personal hygiene to your child

With germs on the rise over the winter period, it’s important to teach children not just how to follow good hygiene routines to stay healthy but also why these are important.  In this article, we will explore how to talk [...]

Five ways to enjoy nature when you can’t get outdoors

Exploring nature has great benefits for us all. For children in particular, it can provide countless learning opportunities including creative problem solving, perseverance, and communication. Engaging with nature is also one of the best ways to foster positive mental wellbeing [...]