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Chocolate-free activities for Easter

How do you celebrate Easter in your family?

As we approach Easter, you will be familiar with the many brands of chocolate easter eggs lining the supermarket shelves.

But what is its true meaning?

Depending on your beliefs, the meaning of Easter and the way it is celebrated varies.

Talking about the Easter celebration provides a great opportunity to explore different religions and traditions with your child, helping to raise their awareness of and empathy towards others.

It also lets them know that Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs!

An egg symbolises spring and new life, however, the custom of giving and receiving chocolate eggs has only come about in the last century. 

There are many other things to celebrate, such as the new flowers blooming, new animals being born and the weather getting warmer!

We want to look at ways to celebrate Easter and teach children valuable lessons at the same time, that is a bit easier on the sugar content.


This Easter, why not try one of the following:

Tell your child the Easter story.

You could act it out with them or encourage them to create a comic strip, both are great ways to encourage storytelling and writing skills.


Spend a day making your own Easter goodies to share with family and friends. 

You can paint hardboiled eggs in vibrant colours to decorate the house, or you could decorate them to take part in a family egg rolling race (all you need is a slight hill – the egg which rolls the furthest without breaking, wins). You could also try some fun, pastel coloured pickled eggs using natural colourings such as beetroot, turmeric and cabbage!

Go out into the countryside and see the lambs, or other signs of spring such as bumblebees, bluebells and daffodils.

Seeing these things in nature helps children understand the circle of life and the world around them.

Plant some seeds, even if it’s just in a pot on a windowsill. You can decorate a plant pot too!

Do a fun alternative Easter egg hunt that incorporates lots of active play.

Try a brilliant, chocolate-free Easter egg hunt like this one. By hiding plastic eggs around the house or garden (you can save the eggs to use again next year), children can get moving and laughing as they complete the range of challenges hidden inside. You can also add rewards in some ‘rarer’ eggs, like small toys, money or a coupon (e.g. for a film night). 

You could also encourage children to get outdoors in the garden using this garden treasure hunt list from the BBC to find different items in nature. This can easily be adapted to indoors, for example by searching for items of different shapes and colours. Alternatively, try these fun indoor easter egg hunt clue ideas. 

While it is nice to have a sweet treat on occasion to celebrate together, it is important to remember that Easter is a time of hope and new beginnings. We say let’s reclaim it as a time to play and get outside rather than overdosing on the sugary treats!