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How to encourage creative play for children

What you will learn:

  • The benefits of encouraging balanced and creative play
  • All about the Naylor Activity Tunnel

We all understand the downfalls of too much screen time. Headaches, blurry eyes, foggy brain and trouble sleeping are only a few of the side effects of spending too much time in front of the screen. Like any sort of well-balanced diet, everything is ok in moderation, providing the majority is designated to the things that are good for you.

Modern society is designed for sitting. Some people sit down for eight hours at work, we sit in our cars, our children sit in the classroom and in the evening we sit on the sofa and relax. It has never been more important to ensure that our children are getting the right amount of healthy active play and here at the Good Play Guide we know just how you can do it.

How to structure your child’s play

Created by Dr Amanda Gummer, the balanced play pyramid breaks down how much time should be given to each type of activity. Passive screen time such as TV and video games should be allowed sparingly, followed by educational toys and games that encourage solitary play.


Team games, board games and games that encourage creative play are more positive with the most amount of time being spent doing a free, child-led play that awakens the imagination and is based around being active. 

Being active is vital for a healthy mind and body and here at the Good Play Guide we have just the thing that ticks all the boxes, that will also deliver hours of fun for your child.

The Naylor Activity Tunnel

The Naylor Activity tunnel is a great addition to any family wanting to encourage a healthy play diet in their children.

Available in four different colours, it is waterproof and weatherproof so ideal for use both indoors and outdoors for all-year-round fun. Designed for children aged three and over, the wipe-clean, concertina design means it can be folded down and stored away, making this toy accessible to families where space is sometimes a problem.

The possibilities are endless and are sure to be a big hit with all mini adventurers!     


Imaginative, active play is the fruit and vegetable of the play diet. It encourages the development of a creative mind and is the starting block for developing the skills associated with social, emotional and language development.

When a child engages in imaginative and active play with others, they learn the importance of teamwork and putting together all their ideas to build something amazing. They learn the art of communication by being able to listen to others’ points of view as well as developing the confidence to put across their own ideas. 

The Naylor Activity Tunnel is ideal for encouraging imaginative play. Let your child’s imagination go wild as they use it as an entrance to their newly built fort or they can crawl through it to reach a new imaginative world where they are flying with unicorns or battling the bad guys.

Your child’s imagination is the only limitation to the possibilities of what can be done.

Active Play

Sometimes, the best form of exercise is the one where you don’t even know you are doing it. Being active does not necessarily mean having to engage in a sporting activity such as football or going out for lengthy park runs. Simply getting your child to move and be more active is a great place to start. Physical activity helps to increase a child’s confidence and self-esteem, it makes them more alert, improves concentration and develops their social, cognitive and emotional skills.  

The Naylor Activity Tunnel is designed in a way that promotes active play which will support your child’s development in all the areas detailed above. Why not use it as part of an assault course? Let their imaginations go wild as they design a route for both them and their friends to run around. Consider introducing time trials in order to get them to complete the course several times. Or watch their competitive sides comes out as they try to better their times, or maybe even beat their friends!

Some children may choose to use the activity tunnel to drive their cars through it or lay in it whilst they get rolled around by their friends for lots of fun and giggles! They may want to use it as a ‘safe house’ in a game of tag. The possibilities are limitless. The point is, that all these activities are encouraging your child to be more active in a fun, safe and imaginative environment, which are all vital to a healthy play diet.


A healthy play diet is vital for your child to develop the social, emotional and language skills needed to be happy and well-adjusted adults.

As a parent, it is important to encourage your child to be as active as possible, embrace their imagination and get outside with their peers and play.

Create a world of magical fairies and unicorns, design fun and exciting obstacle courses or simply lay down with peers and socialise. With the Naylor Activity Tunnel, the possibilities are endless.

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