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educational toys and presents for kids

Educational Toys and Presents for Kids

Education is more than just about learning to read or write, but there’s no doubt that children who feel confident with their numbers and letters are more likely to engage fully in classes which will, in turn, help them learn more and become more confident – and so the virtuous circle continues. However, there are…
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How to Reduce Waste at Christmas

How to Be a Christmas E.L.F (Environmentally Loving Family) Christmas traditions have changed in recent times with a shift in focus from celebration and spending time with family to a more commercialised event, where it is all about the gifts. Spending lots and boasting about how many presents your child has to open on Christmas…
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Categorising Toys by Gender (Girl and Boys Playing)

A Pragmatic Approach to Categorising Toys

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses top ten toys lists, Girls and Boys toys and why Fundamentally Children concentrates on being user-friendly, rather than dogmatic about toy categorisations.  A couple of years ago, I wrote an article, which was a bit of a rant against what I believe to be the plethora of rather cynical PR stunts that…
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