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Article on how Learning Maths through play can be fun

Learning Maths through Play is Fun

For any child who has set their mind against maths, getting them to progress can be a real challenge. However, at Fundamentally Children, we firmly believe that whilst not everyone will turn into a mathematician, learning the primary school level basics really can be fun. The answer is to help children learn through play and everyday…
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educational toys and presents for kids

Educational Toys and Presents for Kids

Education is more than just about learning to read or write, but there’s no doubt that children who feel confident with their numbers and letters are more likely to engage fully in classes which will, in turn, help them learn more and become more confident – and so the virtuous circle continues. However, there are…
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Learning with HUE Animation

With an HD camera and integrated microphone, there are endless creative possibilities with the HUE Animation Studio. The studio lets children experiment with the effects they can create using a camera and video editing software. This gives them great practice using technology, and may develop an interest in filmmaking. Making stop motion films allows children to be…
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Toys and Apps to Support One Year Old Development

At a year old, babies are developing quickly! This can be both an exciting and challenging time as children reach some big milestones, including saying their first words and taking their first steps. Play is a fantastic way to encourage this development, and playing together will help build a strong attachment between you and your baby. Cognitive development…
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Categorising Toys by Gender (Girl and Boys Playing)

A Pragmatic Approach to Categorising Toys

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses top ten toys lists, Girls and Boys toys and why Fundamentally Children concentrates on being user-friendly, rather than dogmatic about toy categorisations.  A couple of years ago, I wrote an article, which was a bit of a rant against what I believe to be the plethora of rather cynical PR stunts that…
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December 1, 2014 Tags:

World Autism Awareness Day

  Today is World Autism Awareness Day and we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate our individuality.  Here at Good Toy Guide we believe that society would be much better and happier if we celebrated what children can do rather than trying to ‘fix’ them when they don’t conform to our definition of ‘normal’….
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2014s First Retailer Of The Month

We are pleased to announce that our first Retailer of the Month for 2014 is John Lewis, Cambridge.   The John Lewis toy department has a great range of well-merchandised products, including many ‘Good Toys’.  With knowledgeable, friendly staff, no task is ever too much for a John Lewis team member. John Lewis, Cambridge was…
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