Using Logical Thinking To Change Behaviour

Many have proven that a way to really break habits is to form the ‘IF-THEN’ way of thinking. IF I am bored THEN I will get my Lego Set out. This has been proven to break the automatic link with boredom and encourages children to use their imagination. You can go further to say that IF I am bored THEN I will go outside and play, which prompts a healthier lifestyle as well. Children can use this to understand the consequences of their actions, such as, IF I hit Jimmy, THEN I am going to lose my break time and get into trouble. This allows children to think about their actions and the possible outcomes, allowing them to make the right choice. Have you ever tipped up the toy box and just given your child everything to play with. Did you find that they were not engaged and kept moving onto every toy. This is because they were overstimulated and found it hard to concentrate and focus in on one toy. It is essential that children learn how to use the toy, looking at the qualities, limits and capabilities of the toy and experience this through trial and error. Children use ‘if-then’ thinking in simple terms, such as IF I throw this ball at the fence THEN it will hit the fence or IF I pedal really fast THEN the bike will move faster. It is important that parents let children work things out for themselves and this involves allowing them to get a little bored, so they can use their imagination and problem solve. Parents should support children but not do things for children on the first attempt, let them have a couple of goes to encourage perseverance and then if frustration starts then help them.

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