Encourage Your Child To Care For The Environment

In todays world, protecting the environment and global warming has never been more prominent.

Everyday we are encouraged to ‘do our bit’ to help care for, protect and sustain the natural world around us.

Teaching a child about how the planet is being damaged is a vast topic area but a valuable lesson to learn. Some of the subject areas to cover would be; endangered animals, deforestation, global warming and recycling. Children need to understand that the changes we make now are essential for future generations.

Children will be influenced by their parents and peers, so if they see you showing willingness to  recycle or care for your environment they are likely to copy and want to get involved. Encourage your child to save water and electricity, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and ensure lights are off when you leave a room.

Fun ways to help a child understand the importance of caring for the environment:

  1. Find out about and take part in local initiatives like woodland tree planting or Earth Hour.
  2. Visit nature reserves around the country.
  3. Make regular visits to recycling centres and let them post the recyclable products through the holes.
  4. Let children find household objects that would normally go in the bin and think of ways they can re-use them. For example, an old pasta sauce jar could be used again as a pencil pot or make some jam to fill it with.
  5. Create a compost patch in your garden and watch your food waste decompose and make lovely compost for your garden.
  6. Take part in outdoor adventure activities such as rock climbing, abseiling. A love of the outdoor environment will show children the importance of looking after and nurturing it.

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