Monthly Media Round-Up: August 2014


Our August round-up sees Dr Amanda Gummer answering questions on e-safety and explaining the importance of digital play in a child’s play diet


BT – Why Alcohol and Teens don’t mix

Dr Gummer explains why parents should only gradually introduce their children to alcohol


Daily Record – Parents and Experts question whether we are turning our Toddlers into iPad zombies

Dr Amanda Gummer weighs in on the debate of exposing young children to technology and advises parents on how to use it


The Guardian – Buy Smart: Electronic Children’s Toys 

This short guide lists some of Dr Gummer’s and Fundamentally Children’s most recommended toys and games that are currently available


The Mirror – iBabies: Are tablets and smartphones dangerous for tots to use? 

This article looks at mobile device usage for young children and how suitable they are for them. Dr Amanda Gummer shares thoughts on this topic and explains why mobile devices can be of great benefit to toddlers, within reason.