Monthly Media Round-Up: December 2014


Over the festive period, Dr Amanda Gummer was featured on a number of notable Media Channels across the country including the BBC and the Guardian.

Coverage on these outlets focussed on a range of topics such as: Apps for Children, Latest Toy Releases and of course Christmas-related articles on Games and Toys.


BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour

Dr Amanda Gummer shared her views on one of the latest dolls to be released, Lamilly, the doll with a realistic body shape. This show also reveals what Children thought of this new doll.


BBC Tees – Effects of Divorce on Children

Dr Gummer joins Harry Benson from the Marriage Foundation to discuss the effects of divorce on children.


Gibsons Games – Pass The Bomb this Christmas!

A recent survey showed that almost three-quarters of people who play Family games at Christmas end up falling out. Dr Amanda Gummer provides insight as to what causes this.


Daily Mail – Frozen is Disney’s most lucrative animated film ever

The popularity of the Frozen franchise does not seem to be letting up with Elsa and Anna toys and dresses at the top of many kids Christmas lists. In this article, Dr Amanda looks at the contributors to why children see Frozen-themed presents are regarded as a must-have gift this Christmas.


Parentdish Uk – Homework Hell

Work, Work, Work. Dr Gummer explains why sometimes too much homework can have their consequences on children.


Right Start Magazine – Dream On

Seeing your Child’s face light up on the morning of Christmas or the morning after the tooth-fairy has visited is enough to put a smile on your face too. But when is it the right time to discuss the difference between fantasy and reality with them? Dr Amanda Gummer shares her thoughts…


Sky News – Toy Gender Equality

Dr Amanda Gummer was a guest on Sky News to discuss whether there should there be “gender-neutral” toys, or if it is OK to have a pink aisle and a blue aisle in toy shops.


 Tesco Living – Six Ways to help your Child make New Year Resolutions of their own

Although we tend to not think what the resolutions of Children may be, the reality is that this could potentially be a great opportunity to help you child set goals and objectives over the course of a year.


The Guardian – This Years Top Toys for Christmas

Dr Amanda Gummer shares a couple of her recommended toys to purchase for your children this Christmas.


The London Economic – London Home to the highest number of Family Game Fallouts

 In this article, Dr Amanda shares her thoughts on what causes these fallouts and ideas on how to prevent such fallouts from happening, so that everyone can have a fun and enjoyable festive break.


The Telegraph – Bah, Humbug! should we say, ‘Enough is Enough!?’

Could a toy overload at Christmas hamper your Child’s Development?


Yahoo Living – Royal Screen Time for Prince George

Dr Amanda Gummer explains why playing and learning through mobile devices can be great for developing your child’s key skills.