Monthly Media Round-Up: February 2014


Our February round-up looks at a number of topics focussing largely on Children, their relationships and their futures. 


BBC News – Children’s Toys: Do you determine the profession they choose?

Dr Gummer explains the importance of toys and how they can play a role in a child’s professional future


The Express – Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Five Unconventional Parenting Methods

Dr Gummer shares her thoughts on these unorthodox parenting techniques


Daily Mail – The Pain of being a long-distance Grannie

Dr Gummer shares her thoughts on the Grandparent-Grandchild relationship in the Digital Age


Parentdish Uk – Moving House and how Children can be affected

Dr Gummer explains why the reasoning to move may be good, it could potentially be difficult for any child to move away from their home, friends and school


Toy News (1) – Good Toy Guide endorsed products make Dragons’ Den appearance

Dr Amanda Gummer speaks on the effects of the Good Toy Guide-endorsed product on the brand


Toy News (2) – New Year, New Toys

Dr Gummer kicks off the New Year by sharing the latest toys and games that are delighting the team here at the Good Toy Guide