Monthly Media Round-Up: January 2015


Happy New Year! We’ve been really busy this month due to the 2015 Toy Fair! After a great 2014, we’re heading onwards and upwards, now our media presence has never been greater. This month we’ve been interviewed and featured on TV, on Radio and Online, so keep your eyes peeled here for more appearances next month!


Yahoo Lifestyle – How stop your toddler picking up rude words

Dr Amanda Gummer is at hand to help you stop your child from repeating rude words that they pick up


Daily Express – Experts warn of dangers with children using Technology

Lucy Gill comments on exposing children to technology and how they can benefit from it


AOL – Why you must stop spoiling your kids

Dr Amanda Gummer shares her thoughts on why parents tend to spoil their kids


Families Chiltern Magazine – Kid Friendly Apps (Page 7)

Lucy Gill shares her tips on what the best apps for kids are for all ages


Parentdish UK – Is the anti-pink movement missing the point?

Dr Amanda Gummer adds to the debate on gender and toys


The Guardian – Run, jump, splash – It’s all good, muddy fun!

Dr Gummer asks why can’t we just let kids….be kids?


Tesco Living – Five Do’s and Don’ts for teaching kids good money habits

Expert Child Psychologist, Dr Amanda Gummer, speaks with Tesco Living to advise parents on how they can teach their children to become financially-responsible citizens


Why farms are so prevalent is younger children’s play

Dr Gummer explains which key skills can be developed as a result of playing with farm toys and visiting farms


Merry Christmas – How Much Did I Spend?

Dr Amanda reveals the reasons as to why parents may feel inclined to spend so much at Christmas


If you’re appy and you know it

Our Director of Apps and Technology shares her ‘must-download’ apps for children and the benefits of these apps.


Consumers 20% more likely to buy endorsed products

Fundamentally Children’s recent survey has found some interesting statistics, which Dr Gummer shares with Toy News,