Monthly Media Round-Up: November 2014


November was a great month for us in the Media. Not only did we feature in widely-acclaimed outlets across the UK, but also internationally in The Times of Oman news publication! 

This month features the UK’s leading Child Development expert, Dr Amanda Gummer and our Chief Technologist / Apps Expert, Lucy Gill talking on a number of topics ranging from the best tech toys for your child to the importance of serious play in early childhood. 


The Express – Tips on choosing hi-tech toys for your Children this Christmas

This article features Dr Amanda Gummer discussing the importance of technology in Child Development and when is it appropriate to expose your child to technology.


First News – Parents rebel against Gender Specific Colours for their Children

Dr Amanda voices her opinion on this topic.


Daily Mail – Is it ever acceptable to leave your child at home?

After a mother left her 6 year old at home for 45 minutes alone, Dr Amanda weighs in on this debate of is it acceptable to leave your child at home?


Mumii – Still puzzling over Christmas Presents? Look no further!

Dr Amanda Gummer shares her recommended toys and games for children this Christmas.


Tesco Living – Four Healthy Habits for Children’s screen time

Lucy Gill advises parents on some habits to adopt in order for your child to benefit from the the time they spend with mobile devices.


The Chrissy B Show

Amanda and Lucy join Chrissy to discuss ways in which parents can create a safe and happy home for their children.


The Telegraph (1) – Private and State school for each child

Dr Amanda Gummer shares her views on the effects on siblings attending different schools, in this case, Private and State.


The Telegraph (2) – Stay at Home Dads?

Dr Gummer explains why sometimes Gender role swapping does not work out.


Times of Oman – Digital Generation

With Technology becoming an ever present part of our lives, it is no surprise that hi-tech presents are at the top of many Children’s Christmas lists. In this piece, Dr Gummer explains why one of the most popular games in the world right now is a great resource for developing creativity.


Toy News Magazine – Serious Play

In this month’s edition of Toy News, Dr Amanda Gummer shares her views on the importance of serious play at an early age.