Monthly Media Round-Up: October 2014


Our Director, Dr Amanda Gummer, spoke on a number of different topics this month to a number of different publications. The main topic for discussion was in regards to ‘Gender Neutrality’.


The Guardian – Is this the end of Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys 

The ‘Gender Neutral’ parenting topic continues and this article looks at coloured clothing for both Boys and Girls. Dr Amanda Gummer explains why we should not enforce such gender stereotypes on our children.


Parentdish – Should my Child change schools?

The opportunity to re-locate or move your child to another school has arisen, but what sort of effect will this have on them if you were to choose to do so?


Right Start Magazine – Not Pretty in Pink 

New initiatives to outlaw gender stereotyping are making a difference, but do they go far enough?


Tesco Living – How to kick common childhood habits

Dr Amanda Gummer looks at what you can do to help your child break persistent habits