Benefits Of Tech Play

When you’re a busy parent tech play is often the easy answer, keeping children quiet and entertained. But is tech play really good for helping a child to develop appropriately?

Children playing with Kurio tablet

children playing with tech can be part of a healthy balanced play diet

We live in a high-tech world and teaching children to understand and use technology will not only put them at an advantage in the future, but it’s clear that from a certain age, they just can’t get enough of it!

Available in so many different forms, from tablets, remote control play, interactive toys and so many more, Tech toys can often be criticised for being largely solitary and stifling the imagination. But there are many interactive toys on the market that do promote creativity and imagination.  Interactive toys allow children the opportunity to use their imagination, encouraging them to take turns, work as a team and explore different roles. Remote controls enable children to learn the cause of their actions and develop hand eye co-ordination.

Don’t forget that screen time and tech play should be part of a healthy balanced play diet but parents don’t need to feel guilty about giving children access to technology in manageable doses.

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