App Developer of the Month – December 2014

We are delighted to announce Made in Me as our ‘App Developer of the Month’ for December. They create games, app books and toys that inspire young children to learn by exploring their creativity and imagination.  Made in Me run the successful Me Books children’s e-book store and have several highly acclaimed apps.

Made in Me is a children’s digital publishing company started in 2009 by a group of friends, artists, developers, teachers and parents. From a small studio in London they come up with new and exciting ways to inspire and delight the creativity and imagination of small children… and big ones.

“Children’s media isn’t just entertainment, but an essential ingredient of childhood, flavouring everything that comes after.”
— James Huggins, Made in Me


Here is just a few of their fun, engaging apps that we have tested:

me books 1Me Books is an interactive online book shop. It has a lovely collection of books and bedtime stories for children in just one app. Me Books is a magical app that lets you and your little ones create personal editions of your favourite picture books.

Me Books is bursting with classics like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit to modern favourites such as Peppa Pig and Disney’s Frozen. Children can create their own sound effects and voice overs to make their reading experience personal, which can make it more engaging for them. Children can be as creative and imaginative as they want.




Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 13.06.26Sneak is an app created to explore the idea of a digital experience involving real-world play scenarios. The app challenges children to literally sneak up on their touchscreen device to tap and photograph a host of bashful creatures. If there’s too much noise, or if you move too quickly, the creatures will flee.  Sneak is great fun app for all the family, strategy, stealth and cheeky monsters.





The Land of Me is an award winning educational apps for young children. The idea of these apps was to create an experience that encouraged children’s imaginations and creative play, open conversation and above all to just have fun. Land of me is a series of apps – Story Time, Making Things, Songs and Rhymes & Size and Colour. Children follow a group of young friends through a magical world where they meet creatures, construct buildings, choreograph dances, compose music, tell stories and much, much more.


The Land of Me  has won many awards for creative, technical and educational merit including:

BAFTA Nomination
Adobe Max Finalist
FWA App of the Day
European Design Award
Nursery Today Awar

To find out more about Made in me or what projects they are involved in visit:

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