App Developer of the Month – Labo Lado – December 2015

Congratulations to Labo Lado for being our App Developer of the month for December.


Labo Lado are a small team that develop apps for kids ages 3-8 that inspire creativity and imagination.  Their apps are characterized by vibrant graphics, catchy music, and engaging gameplay. 

Labo apps encourages open-ended play with no time limit and no scoring system. It has neither text nor audio narration, which makes them suitable for young children.


The Good App Guide have reviewed a few of Labo Lado’s apps with many more being tested.


Labo Train

Children create & drive their own trains, fixing broken roads to help the trains reach their destination safely!


Labo Pebble Art 

A fun app that allows children to craft stones, rocks and pebbles into characters which they are able to play games with.


Labo Paper Plate 

A lovely app that brings the creative art of making a paper plate into something new to the world of apps. The app teaches children how to make simple and fun crafts from paper plates.


Labo Halloween Car 

Labo Halloween Car is a creative app with a spooky twist! Children first need to use their creativity to create a car; they can design their own or they can follow the tutorials.






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