Construction Toys For Girls And Boys

Is model making for girls or boys?

Answer: BOTH.

Model making is gender neutral and although a lot of construction based activities seem gender specific, there are many activities are available to both sexes.

Model making and construction can support a child’s social, physical and cognitive development. It helps to develop divergent thinkers, by encouraging children to problem solve and develop how to think logically and creatively. Children who build and make models develop strong fine motor control and strong hand-eye coordination.

Construction play enables the manipulation of objects to suit their needs and make materials become purposeful. Parents must let a child investigate and explore the problem, trying not to interfere with their decisions.

We all know that children have limited attention but the ability to continue and work through problems not only encourages problem-solving skills but will also teach children how to persevere in order to reach their goals, a skill very transferable to day-to-day life.

Construction activities equip children with high levels of satisfaction and achievement, as well as increasing self-confidence as they finish the model, which is much more likely to encourage them to preserver in the future.


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