Good Bedroom & Playroom Furniture

A child’s bedroom is his sanctuary. It’s a place that a child can feel totally at peace in. Even when siblings share a room, it is important to make it a place where a child can relax and regroup. The design of a room can have a big impact on how a child feels about his space. Where possible let a child help decide on the furniture and accessories that go into the room and encourage him to look after his things and keep the room tidy. Bean bags, beside lamps and alarm clocks all provide valuable functions in a child’s room and the importance of the bedroom to a child shouldn’t be underestimated.

Children’s spaces are very important to them, and none more so than their bedroom. Making a bedroom cosy, fun and safe can help children manage change and can provide a sanctuary in times of stress or anxiety. Giving children control over their spaces promotes decision making, and helps them take responsibility for their own things.