Electronic & App Toys

As the world around us becomes more dependent on technology and computers it is important to allow our children to develop in this new technological era and we need to prepare them for the modern world they are been born into.

Electronic and App toys can challenge them to problem solve, learn and speed up reaction time. There are plenty of apps available that have great educational values.  Toys of this type include any electronic toy, children’s tablets or toys that interact with apps on mobile devices in some way. With new toys of this type emerging all the time we understand how difficult it can be to know what to choose. We have included a number of good electronic & app toys below that have passed our testing as ‘good’ toys and in particular we have looked to showcase those that, compared to others or non-electronic equivalents, have added benefits such as: more or deeper child development potential, longer term appeal, and/or providing greater engagement and enjoyment for your child.