Fancy Dress, Role Play & Music

Performing, whether acting, singing, or playing an instrument  boosts confidence and can help children cooperate with others. Early exposure to role play and musical toys can help spark an interest in the performing arts from a young age. They also provide a creative outlet for emotions and can help children learn to express themselves.

A child can use role play toys as a means of making sense of his world.  As well as using their imagination, children can act out scenarios that are troublesome to them and make sense of them.  Role play develops social interaction, team work and sharing.  Vocabulary and thinking skills are improved and often the content of the role play leads to discussion thus increasing knowledge and problem solving.  Fine and gross motor skills are promoted and hand-eye co-ordination is enhanced. With dressing up clothes any character becomes real and creativity is given free rein.

Music is key in a child’s development. It is now, more than ever, a part of everyday life. The area of the brain that interprets music is also responsible for complex reasoning, mathematical and reading skills, so all these skills are interlinked.  Music can be soothing or uplifting.  It can enhance physical activity, rhythm, timing and knowledge.  Listening skills, gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination are promoted as is sound recognitions and counting.  It builds self-confidence by accomplishment,  achievement and creativity.  It develops social interaction and above all it is fun.