Ride-Ons, Scooters, Cycles And Wheeled Toys

‘Ride-on’ or wheeled toys have many benefits and promoting a healthy, physical life style is high on the list.  Gross motor skills are developed as are arm and leg muscles.  Balance is important and this is enhanced along with stability and the thinking skills required to maniputle the moving toy.  A sense of achievment improves self-confidence and independence.

Confidence is built as they become more advanced in the their movements and they can use them to explore their surroundings when physical movement is limited.

Imagination is developed depending on the type of ride on they are using, For example, if they have a car they may ‘drive to the shops’ or a horse ‘may take part in a race’. Ride ons can provide endless amounts of fun for children and therefore increase concentration and staying power. If the ride on is a character or animal this leads to discussion in a wider context and can be used in imaginative role play.