App Review Services

We are unique in the way that we review apps and other products:

  • We review EVERY app with at least 4 children over multiple play sessions (typically through our play centres) – ensuring an independent perspective
  • We  bring an expert perspective to all our reviews (we have experts in child psychology, user experience, teaching/education, play, toys and apps).

This ensures our reviews are both expert and independent, providing feedback both consumers and your internal team can trust.

We offer a range of review services and can also conduct cost effective bespoke user testing – please contact us for more details

Steps to submit your app for review

Follow these steps to submit a children’s app, web-based game, ebook or other software to the Good App Guide (part of Fundamentally Children) for review:

  • Step 2: Pay (if required) – If you have not yet confirmed and paid for your chosen review option (standard, premium, detailed) we will contact you to discuss this. See details of the review options with the ‘Our services’ tab.

Once the review is underway we will keep you informed and will provide you with the report, a link to the live review, and the certification mark you can use as and when the review is live on our website.

Products reviewed can be live or in prototype/beta testing.

For reviews of physical products please see: submit a toy for review.

If you have any questions please contact or call 01438 831 204.

Our services

Tell us about your app: Whilst we charge for the majority of our app reviews, we do review some for free. Tell us about your app to be considered for a free review:  submit an app for review. Due to the volume of apps submitted we do not promise to review every app submitted and reserve the right to choose which we review, and whether we show reviews on our website, based on our own internal priorities. Typically the apps we review that meet our standards are showcased within the Good App Guide.

If you want to guarantee that your app is reviewed and take advantage of our wider services that both support promotion of your app and provide insight for further development then we offer a range of options some of these are summarised below. Please email us for details of prices (

Standard Review:

  • Testing of your app by at least 4 age appropriate children observed by a trained professional
  • Short (typically 1 page) report summarising our review of your app
  • Review published online (if the app meets our standards)
  • Use of our certification mark (if your app meets the required standard) and quotes from our reviews

Premium review:

Standard review plus:

  • Raw data from our testing of the app (providing invaluable insights for further development) – this is provided as part of the review report. Typically the report is 4 – 5 pages long in total.
  • Fast track testing (within 2 weeks)
  • A link to your youtube video of the app (if available) (our walkthrough videos are available at extra cost)

Detailed Product Report:

Premium review plus:

  • Expert opinion, analysis and recommendations from child psychology and usability experts – we will analyse the raw data from our natural user testing conducted to review the app and provide clear, actionable recommendations for further development and consideration.
  • This report is typically 6 – 10 pages long (including standard review, raw data and expert analysis/recommendations).

Additional options:

  • Video walkthrough of your app
  • In-home testing of the app in a family environment
  • Beta testing
  • Bespoke user testing
  • Bulk discounts for multiple product submissions
  • Social media campaigns
  • Giveaways
  • A dedicated Company / Range / Brand page on our website

Please note, all app reviews are shown at our discretion, we reserve the right to remove them at any time. Please talk to one of the team for more information.

For more information please contact us.


Benefits of a review by the Good App Guide

The benefits of getting involved with Good App Guide are huge – here are just some of them…

  • Authoritative Evaluation: Feedback for product development and PR to enhance marketing campaigns
  • Stamp of approval: Recognised and trusted as a sign of quality
  • Independent: Trusted and respected site benefiting your brand by association
  • Exposure: Fantastic media coverage and brand support opportunities
  • User-friendly website: Quick and easy for consumers to find your products
  • Clear explanations: Details of how apps help children develop increases confidence in your products
  • Regular Features: In-depth articles focus on specific app types for greater exposure and information

Terms and conditions

  1. Fundamentally Children (trading name for Good Toy Guide Ltd) reserves the right to refuse to evaluate apps.
  2. Acceptance of an app for evaluation does not guarantee that the product will feature on the Fundamentally Children website.
  3. All material on the Fundamentally Children website ( is subject to copyright and must not be reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the Fundamentally Children. Permission to quote our live reviews if a reference to Fundamentally Children or the Good App Guide is included is typically granted upon request.
  4. You may not modify or change the Good App Guide stamp of approval or logos in any way without prior written authorisation from Fundamentally Children.
  5. You may only use the stamp of approval or logo in association with the products or range of products on the Fundamentally Children website.
  6. You must notify Fundamentally Children in writing (email to is acceptable) if the product is withdrawn from sale, if there are any updates or changes to the product or if there are any concerns that may affect consumer confidence in your app.
  7. Fundamentally Children reserve the right to charge for re-reviews of products that have been significantly amended following our initial review.
  8. Submission of this form indicates compliance with the COPPA code of practice and UK Office of Fair Trading’s (now the Competition and Market’s Authority) Children’s online games principles.

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