Our Services

At Fundamentally Children we offer a range of services:

  • Providing Toy & App Industries with endorsement and exposure for good products and insights to drive product development.
  • Bespoke consultancy and user research to all those delivering products and services to children
  • Seminars and support for corporates and schools



Why Fundamentally Children?

We help you both create and market great products for children that:
• Are fun & engaging
• Support learning through play
• Are high quality and easy to use

Cost effective approach to gaining insights from children: we conduct user research through a network of play centres and families that we also use for our Good Toy Guide/Good App Guide reviews. This allows us to minimise recruitment & venue costs for you and ensures the most natural research environment.

Input from leading experts: our experts in child psychology, user experience, children’s toys, apps, play and tech have reviewed hundreds of products and spent thousands of hours observing and analysing user research for leading brands. We really do understand children.

Scalable to fit your budget: whether you’re a start-up or an international firm we have solutions to meet your budgets.

Focus on user-friendly, actionable recommendations: Our consultancy and research reports focus on providing concise, easy to digest, yet powerful insights.

Helping you promote a brand parents can trust: parents look to us for advice – our seal of approval builds trust in your brand, and exposure through our website, social media, newsletters, seminars and beyond is a powerful marketing tool.

User Testing & Consumer Insight

We provide tailored yet cost-effective, high quality research with children giving you:

  • Invaluable insights
  • Recommendations from experts
  • A tailored approach that minimises costs and maximises value to you

Need insights to inform on-going development, learn from the competition or try an innovative concept? Wondered why a product you thought would fly off the shelves didn’t take off? Had reservations about a product you’ve agreed to take on, only to have those reservations proven expensively correct? Our bespoke research projects are the answer and help avoid costly mistakes

Talk to us about:

  • User testing with children (&/or parents)
  • Focus groups
  • User innovation
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Special needs research
  • Competitor research
  • Our best practice reports


Expert Consultancy & Training

Our consultancy and training services provide you with access to our expertise across child psychology, parenting, user experience, children’s toys, apps, tech and play.

At Fundamentally Children we work with flexibility to tailor our service precisely to your needs. Projects range from a few hours to ‘pick our brains’ to large scale training programmes.

Initial consultations can be carried out in person or over the phone.

Our services include:

  • Providing our expertise to support product development
  • Helping you optimise your licences:
    • Assistance in selecting licences to bid for
    • Analysis of demographics of audiences for licence propositions
    • Developing a cohesive, age-appropriate range of products within a license to avoid label-slapping
  • Training:
    • Helping your team understand more about child development, children’s technology and parenting issues to support product development and marketing campaign positioning.


We offer a range of seminars and interactive workshops on topics related to child development. These sessions can be used to:

  • Support working parents within your organisation.
  • Provide staff training for toy or app developers, retailers and marketing teams.
  • Support parents, teachers and childcare professionals in promoting healthy child development.

Parenting advice

Seminars include:

  • Choosing Childcare.
  • Choosing toys for children.
  • Extra Curricular Activities.
  • Stress Triggers for Parents.
  • Work-life balance – the Parent-Centred Parenting approach.
  • How to Balance your Child’s Play Diet.

Tech for the Family

Seminars include:

  • Choosing apps for children.
  • Cyberbullying and Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World.
  • Tablets for Children: Choosing, Managing and Safety.
  • Are Apps and Tech Good for Kids.
  • Should my Child Use Social Media?

Child development

Seminars include:

  • What Happens When.
  • Anxiety and children’s mental health.
  • The importance of social development.
  • The Power of Play.

All seminar topics can be delivered as interactive workshops, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product Review

Expert, Independent reviews of children’s toys, apps, books, tech and other products are at the core of our business.Our unique approach combines:

  • Independent Insights from children
  • Child pyschology and user experience expertise
  • Robust, consistent research processes

Our reviews help you:

  • Build your brand through – Improved discoverability
    • PR from a source parents trust
    • Expert, independent seal of approval
  • Gain insights for further development
    • Acting as cost effective user testing from natural play with your product
    • Feedback from children and experts

Talk to us about:

Standard Reviews

  • Review report and if approved…
  • publication on our website and use of our certification mark


Premium Reviews

Also include:

  • raw data (observations and quotes from children using your product)
  • fast track review and
  • if approved a video (provided by you*) on the product page in the guide

*Please ask if you would like us to create the video for you.

Detailed Insights Reports

Also includes detailed analysis and recommendations based on our observations and experience.


Brand Support & Exposure

Parents trust the expertise from Fundamentally Children and look to our website for advice.




Our Exposure is continually growing – Our posts have reached over 900,000 people on Facebook alone!


Once you have a product on our website:

  • Our seal of approval builds trust in your brand
  • We help you reach your audience through our website exposure, social media, newsletters, seminars etc.


Talk to us about:

  • Company, range or brand pages: your own, customisable page on our website
  • Competitions and Giveaways
  • Sponsoring our workshops, seminars and events (for parents and trade)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Newsletter features
  • High profile feature spots on our website, including home page options.
  • Supporting your message with our expert opinion: such as your position on ‘are apps good for children?’


And should you suffer from any adverse publicity, you’ll have access to media-friendly, independent expert spokespeople who will be able to talk to the press about the products we feature in the Good Toy Guide and Good App Guide.